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  1. Thankyou for your reply TiaNex! Following your adviceI checked the Carriers, Countries and Zones. All Checked out Carrier: Default Country Post Country: Australia Zone: Oceania I also made sure that the Carriers were assigned to the correct Warehouses and Zones, because my Client is using ASM. But stil,l no Carriers show up during Checkout. Its very strange. Thankyou for replying so quickly though. Best Regards, BeIT
  2. Hi Lovely People, Just having a MASSIVE issue with no Carriers showing up during Checkout, after an auto-upgrade to This is causing major problems for my Client's store, because no Customers can make Orders. Whenever a Customer gets to the Carriers screen, they always get the "No Carriers Available" message. I can confirm this is a Multi-Store setup, but only one store in the Multi is Live at the moment. I have reset all the Carriers, Zones, States, Countries, Cart & Tax Rules in the BO. I have also checked all of the dB tables relating to these things too. Both the pre-Multistore Tables and post-Multistore setup tables (ie. xx_carrier & xx_carrier_shop). If anyone can please please provide any ideas or steps to try next, that would be fantastic Thankyou kindly to any such legends in advance! haha Best Regards, Bespoke IT P.S. Client's site: ofscienceandswords.com.au/shop/index.php
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