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  1. Hello! Goal: we need to ship products to any of the US states and charge taxes based upon the delivery address. We have the default tax and tax rules enabled. Taxes are "included" for the Customers group Have tested with a product having no tax rule applied and also with a product that has a rule applied. "Tax" appears in View my Shopping cart, but there is no amount listed (it's $0.00) When looking at the cart summary, taxes are not listed. I'm using the default theme and the version is Thanks!! Peat
  2. Hello! Is it possible to have a shipping cost set by number of items (in a category)? Example: We only use on shipping vendor USPS, and we can fit up to 20 items into one box. We want a flat Shipping and Handling fee for every 20 items sold that are in one category. All other categories will have their own directly related shipping and handling costs. Examples: 1-20 items, flat S&H of $50. 21-40 items flat S&H of $100. 41-60 items flat S&H of $150 etc. I hope that makes sense. We are using Prestashop Thanks! Peat
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