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  1. Hello gents, in my shop i seel shoes. My product are organized by categories (boots, flat shoes etc). Regardless of the cateogyr there are two attributes: color and size. What i would like to list in the "Product List" view are all the prouct of the selected category (boots for example) for all the colors (but not for all the size). is it possible to achieve this? thanks
  2. Hello all, i have the following case I would like to face, hope you can help me. I created a product with two variants: color and size. i associated for each combination the images and in the product page, when i select the color, only the images with that color is shown. this is great. The problem is that if i select a size that is not available for a color, all the product images (for all the colors) are shown in the product image. I would like this not to happen. Do you think this is possible? I am using Prestashop Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I am using PS with the module "Advance EU compliance" to have the "tax included/excluded" label. I see that in the "cart summary" the total price reports the write "tax excluded" while it the price refer to the price with tax included". Please see the attached image. can someone help me please? thanks, Enrico
  4. Am i really the only one with this problem?
  5. Dear all , When using the Advanced EU compliance module, in the Chart, the total amount is corretct, but there is written "TOTAL tax excluded" while it should be "tax included".
  6. Dear all, when i try to edit the email template i have the following error: A mail directory exists for the "it" language, but not for the default language (en) in /modules/mobassistantconnector/mails can you help me? thanks!
  7. What if you want to see the email sent? You cannot with phpmail
  8. Dear All, I would like to know how what is your the community choice regarding the way to send mail. Better to use PHP mail or SMTP? Tanks!
  9. Hello guys, I would like to change the order of the laguages on the top heade of my site. Is it possible? Thanks
  10. Hello Guys, do you know if it is possible to be refunded of a module? thanks
  11. Hello everybody, i bought this module http://addons.prestashop.com/it/18329-out-of-stock-notification.html and i am very disappointed of its quality. One of the problem i have it that in the backoffice is it reported the "product name" and not the product reference. I have product with the same name that differe in therm of product reference. do you know how can i change this in the back office? thanks
  12. Thanks a lot! where can I find that file? regards
  13. Dear all, is it possible to remove the product name from the product page? thanks
  14. This one http://addons.prestashop.com/it/8734-legge-europea-sui-cookies-avviso-blocker-del-cookie.html Thanks formyour help
  15. Hello Guys, i have added a module to the shop that when the product is out of stock, a form appear and the customer can type his email to be notified when available again. Now, the problem is that when you go to a product page, a default size is automatically selected and this form is shown. and i do not like this behavious. So I created a fake size "attribute" and set its quantity to 1000, but I would like to hide the buy block (add to cart, etc...) when the customer select this size. is it possible? thanks!
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