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  1. Thank you for helping. But actually most of the files are loaded via https and the whole website is directed/loaded via https. it is americasignage.com
  2. I recently installed https/ssl on our website, however, padlock sign missing because of this! I used why no padlock to investigate, and here you go the results. I know where the picture is but I just don't know where to change it to https. (I changed one url successfully from http to https but not the picutures" Please help me, I really need the padlock. Below the results are the code of the website(where the error happens), if needed. Total number of items: 130 Number of insecure items: 2 Insecure URL: http://xxx.com/themes/shine/img/shine/search-icon.png Found in: https://xxx.com/index.php Insecure URL: http://xxx.com/img/p/'+%20data.id_product%20+'-small_default.jpg Found in: https://xxx.com/index.php // <![CDATA[ $(document).ready( function() { $("#search_query_top") .autocomplete( 'https://xxx.com/index.php?controller=search', { minChars: 3, max:10, width: 500, selectFirst: false, scroll: false, dataType: "json", formatItem: function(data, i, max, value, term) { return '<img src="https://xxx.com/img/p/'+ data.id_product +'-small_default.jpg" /><span>' + value+'</span>'; } , parse: function(data) { var mytab = new Array(); for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) mytab[mytab.length] = { data: data[i], value: data[i].cname + ' > ' + data[i].pname }; return mytab; }, extraParams: { ajaxSearch: 1, id_lang: 1 } } ) .result(function(event, data, formatted) { $('#search_query_top').val(data.pname); document.location.href = data.product_link; }) }); // ]]>
  3. We are a product distribution website and we are distributing things for free. But for some certain products, they have high cost, so I don't want to send them to our customer without reviewing it. We want to receive a notice once customer orders, and we can check if the customer is suitable for this specific product, then we can confirm and process, if not, we can decline it and send the customer a message. Are there any addons can do this? One more thing we want is when some order are over maximum quantities allowed, we also get a notice and review, confirm or not. If this is not clear, please let me know. Version
  4. Hi thank you but after i changed code it did not work. the best seller directs me to an error and cannot open the website. please help me on this.
  5. I already changed to not display the product by making it only searchable, but it still shows up on best seller, how can i hide these products. Another problem is my new arrival shows nothing, we have added products recently but nothing shows up. HEEEEELP! Deadline is coming and lottttttttts of buggs
  6. here is my problem, thanks for helping in advance. the origninal website name is xxx.com/aaa aaa works as a sub domain? and all files are under root/aaa so now I migrate the website to xxx.com instead of xxx.com/aaa, the aaa thing is no longer used, most things work fine. but the menu<things like "my acoount", "company about us", "log in">on the up right corner like "about us" still links to xxx.com/aaa/index.php?id_cms=6&controller=cms and it leads to an error 404 but when i delete the aa manually, xxx.com/index.php?id_cms=6&controller=cms , the page works fine I am totally new on this and I am trying to debug this. Please help me!
  7. Hey guys I was trying to change the "Home Phone" into "Business Phone" on the customer address form I am not the one developed this, I cannot find the place to change the actual words. Please help me! Thank you!
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