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  1. Can anyone tell me how to increase the size of the image (when you click view full size) - I get an image that is 129px × 129px
  2. I corrected the PS directory from "/" to the proper url "http://shop.resonancefm.com/" (this was not set up originally) However Safari is still unable to locate the CSS file global.css IE now seems ok
  3. I found when I used Firebug in Firefox the css file is found at : http://shop.resonancefm.com/themes/prestashop/css/global.css But Firebug lite in Exploreer shows the file to be referenced at: /themes/prestashop/css/clobal.css not sure how this happens or how to correct it but this is probably why it occurs...
  4. http://shop.resonancefm.com seems not to display the page correctly when I use Safari (v3.2.1) OR Internet Explorer v 7 ... but Firefox is ok. I am not sure why... is there anything I should check for - any suggestions? I have not read about any problems with Safari...or IE (apart from version 6.0) please help! FURTHER INFORMATION: I installed Firebug lite into the page (header.tpl) and found that the CSS which should be located in /themes/prestashop/css/global.css did not show any CSS code in the viewing window. I think its not able to locate the CSS file but Firefox manages to find it.... code snippet from header.tpl: {if isset($css_files)} {foreach from=$css_files key=css_uri item=media} <link href="{$css_uri}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="{$media}" /> {/foreach} {/if} surely this should work?
  5. I find that the sort order is reversed - I cannot think why.... please help!
  6. I want to modify the page when you get to pay: I do not want to see just the paypal gif, I want to show the other option to pay by credit card as well... otherwise it looks like I can only pay via Paypal. When I do get to Paypal, I can see the option to pay by credit card after I get to the Paypal page...
  7. After I pont to an mp3 file to upload, I get permission denied. Any idea why this occurs?
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