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  1. Hi, I'm a complete newbie to PrestaShop and OOP and would appreciate some help. I am trying to write a override to the mailalerts module to be able to send a notification email to either the supplier or the manufacturer of the product which is ordered. I know you can add a merchant email but the problem is that we will have many different manufacturers and suppliers from which the customer can order directly and I don't want to send everyone the email only the specific Supplier/manufacturer. So far I made overrides for MailAlerts.php and mailalerts.php in a mailalerts folder, deleted cache and it all works fine. In the MailAlert.php override I'm trying to use the product-id to first get either the supplier_id or the manufacturer_id and then use that to go to address database to get the correct email (I made a custom field for that and that all works fine) First problem is here....... how do I echo out the variables I created here to see if that it actually makes the call to the database and get the right values? I have tried : $Mail = new Mail (); $Mail->manufacturer_mails; $Mail->supplier_mails; ---- nothing -because it needs the product_id, I think? also tried echo'ing from within the class and even tried making a function but I'm not sure how to call that function so ....still... nothing. MailAlert.php Second problem: I then went and modified alerts.php and basically copied everything that was done to merchants_mails to try and get it to work here...mainly because I have very little idea of how this is supposed to be.... I did manage to echo out the variables from the __construct functions and it does give me the merchant_mails but my $manufacturer_mails and $supplier_mails are empty. mailalerts.php At the moment or before I started messing everything up the code would run but gives me a: Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'TYPE_TEXT' in /blah blah/site/classes/PaymentModule.php on line 506 which is.. if (count($product_var_tpl_list) > 0) { $product_list_txt = $this->getEmailTemplateContent('order_conf_product_list.txt', Mail::TYPE_TEXT, $product_var_tpl_list); $product_list_html = $this->getEmailTemplateContent('order_conf_product_list.tpl', Mail::TYPE_HTML, $product_var_tpl_list); } Sorry the code is very messy as I've tried about a hundred different ways to get the values...... I would greatly apprecciate any help! Thank you Ari
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