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  1. I was shown how to update my default CSV separators in the back office by a thirty bees member. Edited this file: /controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php Line 568 Changed the comma to a caret (^) Line 570 Changed the semicolon to a comma as follows $this->separator = ($separator = Tools::substr(strval(trim(Tools::getValue('separator'))), 0, 1)) ? $separator : '^'; $this->convert = false; $this->multiple_value_separator = ($separator = Tools::substr(strval(trim(Tools::getValue('multiple_value_separator'))), 0, 1)) ? $separator : ','; }
  2. I am trying to change the defaults for importing. Which files or code above should I use? My screenshot shows what I hope to do. I use transformer v3 for PS1.6. Thanks.
  3. @Bellini13 I have a sort of similar problem. I have updated the code for the form.tpl file here: admin folder \themes\default\template\controllers\import\helpers\form\form.tpl to change the field separator and multiple value separator but they don’t change in the csv import section in the back office. The screenshot shows what I’m trying to do. Can you please tell me what other file must be edited? Thank you.
  4. @Whiley I just saw this. I'll try it with my test site. It looks a lot better than what I imagined! Note: I just checked my settings and I have "immediate" set for replies. I looked in my email account and it still isn't there.
  5. I’ll ask Vekia. Thank you very much for the help!
  6. Thank you. Can I use a URL rewrite module if using Transformer theme? Manually adding changes to .htaccess seems very labor intensive if I have to write one for each change. Sorry so slow in replying but my iPad doesn’t cooperate here.
  7. @selectshop.at I think this is the plan without too many changes: Four main categories: Dog Clothes (already exists) Dog Lovers Jewelry (already exists) Dogs Accessories and Supplies - create new. Gifts (already exists) Make “Holidays and Events” a subcategory of Dog Clothes. Make “Dog treats” and “Dog Toys” a subcategory of Gifts. Make Grooming and Collars and Leashes a subcategory of Dogs Accessories and Supplies Does this seem good? And then I only use Vekia’s module for “Dogs Accessories and Supplies”? Do I need to create a new forum post now or is this related enough? Thank you!
  8. @Whiley @selectshop.at I have 7 categories and need to consolidate them into 3. None of the existing categories are good enough to reuse unless it will create major work. Then I’ll use the category that has the most products. I use a 3rd party theme. I know mypresta.eu. That’s @vekia His modules and tutorials are excellent. My concern is to not lose rankings if possible but not to make this a huge project because I have lot more products to add. Here is an example of what I want to do: I have Category 1, category 2, up to category 7. NEW CATEGORY ONE, NEW CATEGORY TWO and NEW CATEGORY THREE Category 1 can be reused but it is not the best. Category 2 and 3 are too specific to be reused to move the extra categories under it as subcategories. What is the best way for me to fix this problem, please? Thank you, Stephanie
  9. Hi, @Scully I have this situation now and want to know if I do this, is there a way to keep whatever search engine rankings I may have? Thank you!
  10. I use http://greenmousestudio.com/en/numeric-reference by Daresh (https://www.prestashop.com/forums/user/653890-daresh/) It's free and it's great! I'm now using it with my new thirty bees shop.
  11. Can you check your image permissions? I read where someone had to change them from 755 to 744 or the reverse. Also I just searched for it and this may help you - especially step two. https://www.templatemonster.com/help/prestashop-troubleshooter-how-to-solve-image-upload-problem-an-error-occurred-while-copying-image.html#gref
  12. Try the instructions here: https://www.godaddy.com/community/Managing-Email/sending-email-through-GMail/td-p/6195 If that doesn't work I suggest that you chat with GoDaddy because they are very helpful. I used to use them until I changed hosts a couple of years ago.
  13. Now that you came up with this idea I want to do it that way too! I hope someone comes along and let's you know how to do it.
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