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  1. Update: I tried upgrading php to 7.3, then running the upgrade.php script to no avail
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm stumped on trying to resolve an error that I am getting with the backoffice after updating to 1.7.7.x from or We encounter the attached errors. We have tried clearing all caches as well as performing a manual upgrade by following PrestaShop's written instructions. We are currently running PS v1.7.6.8 with PHP version 7.2.34. We are trying to upgrade to to when we encounter the attached errors. We encounter them anytime we try to access anything other than the Module Manager or the Dashboard. We can't access the catalog or any other categories in the back office. Please let me know what I can do to resolve the errors. Thanks!
  3. The thing is, I want them to just be able to add it to the cart and not have to contact me for a code to purchase it. If you have any other suggestions that'd be great.
  4. Anyone know of anything or want to create one for me? I will provide a comission for the work
  5. Sure, The reason that I would need to do that is because customers need the ability to order a sample so they can see the wallpaper in person. Samples would need to cost them ~$5 but no shipping charges or anything. I wanted it just to have a checkbox in the backend to add that button on the products page like on the page shown.
  6. Hello, I am looking for a module to add a sample to the cart of a customer and have it enabled/disabled by product. Here is a good example of how I would like it to function: https://www.thefabricco.com/wl8600-braganza-wallpaper/ I would prefer not to use combinations because it takes a lot of time to get set up. I would love for it to be just a check box in the backend that you check and the "Add Sample" button appears. If you know of anything, please reply. Thanks!
  7. I did not create any image maps so there was no category for that under catalog and I have cleared the cache and that did not help. Any other ideas?
  8. Hello everybody, I have been having an issue with category pictures on my front end not updating on my backend. For example, here is what I have in my backend: And here is what appears under the same category (same ID and everything) in the front end: Here is another example of the backend: And the front end: I have made sure that force compilation is on (although that really has nothing to do with this) and I made sure to clear all of my cache's. I can not figure this out though. If anyone need anymore information, feel free to ask and I will give out website links or whatever is needed. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help. I was looking in the wrong places. I will mark this as solved. Cheers, Logan
  10. Hello everyone, I am unable to get the copyright part of the footer to appear at the bottom of the page. I do not know what I did to make it go away. I am going to attach some screenshots of what it is like/what it was like. Here is what it currently looks like: Here is what I want it to look like: I will be changing the "Ecommerce Software by PrestaShop" working to my own wording after we get this fixed. I have tried turning off all non-PrestaShop modules, changing some recently changed settings back to how they were, and looking online. I have not been able to find someone having an issue like this. I am using PresaShop and the default theme. Thanks in advance, Logan P.S. If you need the website link, just ask and I'll give it to you.
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