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  1. bump please how difficult is this someone maybe find some time to answer... maybe a global solution for people with too many categories...
  2. guys please some help here... if it is not possible to exclude the category maybe i can delete the category tree al together... and assign categories with import or directly in the database!!! Any solution it will be appreciated!!! Thank you guys
  3. Hello i made a bookstore and since prestashop does not have a way to show authors and publishers i put authors as categories and it is working fine the problem is that i have 100.000 authors and now when i edit a product php runs out of memory because it tries to show me all the categories in the tree view!!! is there a way to exclude the category "authors" with id=16 and all its subcategories? Thanks for your help guys
  4. i need this to can someone help? i i have 3 b2b customer groups and i would like to be able to download a pdf that corresponds to their group.. is this possible?
  5. i just noticed that the same thing happens to products per page i have default 24 but if i change it to 48 it shows 48 products per page but if i click a product and then hit the back button it shows again 24... same thing goes to the sort order this must be a common problem... i also notides that id i go to the second page then everything works fine...so the problem narows to first page of all categories please someone must have something to comment
  6. please someone must know something aboutit... can't find out what is going on...
  7. Hello to the community I have a problem with one of my customers shop After someone pick a sort order and then view a product and then hit the buck button the sort by is lost and displays products in default order.. although in sort by dropdown is still selected the correct sort (whatever the customer had choose) this is a major hit in users experience as he needs to pick sort by field everytime that sees a product and then hit the back button, can you please point me to what might be wrong? Thank you in advance
  8. Is there a way to create a menu that shows all products in stock no matter in what ctegories they are? i tried to do this with the Layered navigation block but it doesn't make a link that i can use in menu and it sure not calls all the products from all categories!!! sory if i'm not very clear but english is not my native language thanks in advance
  9. ναι τελικά ήταν πιο μέσα ήθελε άλλο ενα κλικ σε ευχαριστώ πολύ αφού αλλαξα το αρχείο /admin.php δούλεψε μια χαρά χρησιμοποίησα την έκδοσή
  10. καλησπερα και απο μένα έχω και εγώ το ίδιο πρόβλημα, προσπαθώ να κατεβάσω την μετάφραση από το λινκ που δώσατε παραπάνω αλλά μου κατεβάζει ένα gzip αρχείο με ένα αρχείο μόνο μέσα με το όνομα "el" τι το κάνω αυτό? δεν θα έπρεπε να έχει περισσότερα αρχεία μέσα και να είναι .php
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