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  1. Hello Together, i've customized this Module to work in a Multishop-environment this way, that each Shop can have it's own css and js Files. You now just have to add a folder named with the Shop-ID inside the css and js folders and place your CSS and JS files there. I've also added a German Translation to the Module. Maybe someone else find this usefull, too. medialoader-1.2.0.zip
  2. Ok, i found the sollution myself. i had to change 'type' => 'textarea', to 'type' => 'textareaLang', Now it's working. i'm just wondering why thes use two different concepts for the same thing.
  3. Hi Folks, i'm trying to dd a Multilingual Field to the global contact setting part on the AdminStoreController (where you con configure the Shop Name and Shop-Email). I've added an Override for AdminStoreController with this content: class AdminStoresController extends AdminStoresControllerCore{ protected function _getDefaultFieldsContent() { $formFields = parent::_getDefaultFieldsContent(); $formFields = array_merge($formFields, array( 'MY_MULTILINGAL_TEST_SETTING' => array( 'title' => $this->l('My ML Test'), 'hint' => $this->l('Test for ML Settings field'), 'required' => false, 'type' => 'textarea', 'lang' => true, 'cols' => 30, 'rows' => 5, ), ) ); return $formFields; } } The field is working fine and Settings is stored like all other, but it is not Multilingual. I've set lang to true for this field, like i did several times in other customisations where it worked just fine. Did i miss something here? My PS Version is
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