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  1. Dear Vipul I made a fresh install of prestashop. Problem still the same. Any other guesses? And Thank you very much for your quick reply! update 10.08.2016, 10:47 a: I put the HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip.php - file into the /override/classes/pdf folder. After deleting class_index.php file in /cache, this worked perfectly.
  2. Dear all, I'm new to prestashop and I'm currently trying to develop a module that is supposed to print a QR code on every delivery slip. In my module I generate the QR codes. To get them on the delivery slip I modified prestashop in /pdf (added a new .tpl file) and changed HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip.php in /classes/pdf. I know this is not the correct way to do it, but like this it worked. Now I want to do it rather the correct way. I read about this great override feature, but I can't get it to work. I created a module named bonsaidelverymodule with presta's module builder. In the module folder i created subfolders (bonsaimoduledelivery/override/classes/pdf). In there I extended the HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip as described in the documentation with HTMLTemplateDeliverySlipCore and saved it as HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip.php. Now when I try to install my module i get following Error: Unable to install override: Class HTMLTemplateDeliverySlipOverride57a834252d48c does not exist What i tried until now: - I deleted to HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip.php, and without there is no error - deleted class_index.php file in /cache Does anyone have a hint for me, what I might do wrong? And what would be the correct way to add the .tpl file to /pdf within my module? I'm running on prestashop HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip.php
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