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  1. Thank you very much for the replies! I'll look into the layered navigation block (I assume that's what you guys meant).
  2. Hello. I'm trying out PrestaShop. I need a way of guiding visitors to products that are suitable for their needs. For example, if the shop sells computer monitors, I need to have some sort of "suitable for" tags for each monitor. Each tag must have a rating (like from 1 to 5 stars): Use case: Graphics design: ***** Movies: *** Gaming: * And there must be several groups of those "tags". The above would be the "Use Case" group, and there can be other groups. Imagine for example wines, with rated tag groups like: Occasion: Weddings: ***** Funerals: * New Year's Eve: *** Goes well with: Fish: *** Dessert: ** Venison: ***** On the front page of the shop, the customer can then choose something like "I'm looking for something suitable for a specific occasion" or "I'm looking for something that goes well with". Is there something out there that allows me to do this in PrestaShop? I don't think this is doable with vanilla PrestaShop; neither tags nor attributes nor categories seem to allow for ratings. I didn't find a way to do this.
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