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  1. OK I have got my problem solved. It works with my earlier prestashop version 1.4.4 but not for the 1.6..... my working directory is localhost/xampp/prestashop (c:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\prestashop) I have move the prestashop directory to localhost/prestashop (c:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop) and install again and everything is ok.
  2. Yes I'm having the same problem. I tried removing all the .htaccess.....with this it get me further thru the installation but still failed at some point. the logfile shows this : /js/.htaccess: RewriteEngine not allowed here, referer: http://localhost/xampp/xxxx/install/index.php /.htaccess: SetEnv not allowed here, referer: http://localhost/xampp/xxxx/install/index.php
  3. There seems to spamming post in this forum - subforum (general) - its all relates to "football" .....what is happening ?
  4. I got it resolved with my service provider help. [/usr/bin/php -q /home/myusername/public_html/myaddondomain.com/cron_currency_rates.php secure_key=xxxxxxx]
  5. I tried using this command for the cron job /usr/bin/php -q /home/myusername/public_html/myaddondomain.com/cron_currency_rates.php?secure_key=xxxxxxx But I get error : No input file specified Anyone?!
  6. I have my prestashop site running as an addon domain. How do I set up the proper path for the cron job cron_currency_rate.php. The default setting doen't seems to work for addon domain setting as I get the log error : /bin/sh: /mysite.com/myadmin/cron_currency_rates.php?secure_key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: No such file or directory. What should I do to get the path correction. Thanks Regards
  7. I'm having problem uploading attachment image too...tried many time without success. Tried attachement in reply post also cannot.....and I cannot remove my post too!
  8. Attached Image ---still cannot Its so difficult to attached images with this new version forum... I tried and still can't attached.
  9. In BO->Catalog product -3.Prices, I have added two price reduction (in fact tested with more reduction) but only the top most reduction value is used. The action button allow us to remove all the other setting but I don't see the rationalisation of such feature. Shouldn't that be a selection button for this instance? Its confusing as the Heading says " Current specific prices" I'm missing something. ?? or how should this be intepreted?
  10. This is my test finding. Using SVN version_8151 to do a fresh installation (localhost) Immediately after installation...access FO ---> no her.php file found Then try access to BO by keying in password ---> her.php file was generated No other files found in upload and download directory Footer.tpl not altered ==continuing with further monitoring & testing Please find attached access.log for your investigation. access.txt
  11. Test upgrading to SVN8151 version and saw the problem. Don't think its from localhost machine. Observation: her.php file added upload dir with additional file dowload dir with additional file themes/prestashop/footer.tpl altered smarty/cache/* changed smarty/compile/* changed Categories FO not showing 3rd party homecarousel not working anymore
  12. Need more info :look at the hyperlink of the non-displayed image and check if the referred location is correct. Is friendlyURL on, if so, can try regenerating the .htaccess and see if it works
  13. x3n0m0rph -> Can you try turning off your friendly url to see if it works... You may also try to check your img folder to see if the hidden file .htaccess is there...if so delete it and test again....no worry about this delete as it can be regenerated later.
  14. Thanks Rocky.. Confirmed that all images and references are all mixed up..Anyway I have relink all the images manually since not many product currently... I have got mirrored site working based on 1.4x ...will monitor to see if everything is fine before porting to my existing site which still runs on 1.2version.
  15. I'm having the same problem....Did you manage to get solution?
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