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  1. Hi i need to change the paypal button that appears in the bottom of the page everytime. I need one more generic and simple but I cannot find the place of the code where that is. Does anyone knows? Regards
  2. Okay... something happened. Now this shows up, what should I do? Notice: Undefined index: product in /home/salsa/public_html/lasolu/solu/tienda/cache/smarty/compile/85/15/c9/8515c998c9b660394d51abdabac4d20d09291c18.file.column.tpl.php on line 46 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/salsa/public_html/lasolu/solu/tienda/cache/smarty/compile/85/15/c9/8515c998c9b660394d51abdabac4d20d09291c18.file.column.tpl.php on line 46 Fatal error: Call to a member function getPrice() on a non-object in/home/salsa/public_html/lasolu/solu/tienda/cache/smarty/compile/85/15/c9/8515c998c9b660394d51abdabac4d20d09291c18.file.column.tpl.php on line 46 Regards
  3. Hello, I have an issue, when ever I install a certain module for playing music in my products as a sample. The pages where the products should show the info will go all white and will not display any errors. I have it local. Wamp Server software version: Apache PHP version: 5.5.12 Memory limit: 128M Max execution time: 128 MySQL version: 5.6.17 Prestashop version:
  4. Hello, I am doing so changes on my back panel of my Prestashop online store. I wanted to change a title so other people can understand (this because I work with people of the languages of english and spanish) so i am translating some stuff. But this error just pops up. How can I fix it? The class name 'AdminCatalogController' cannot be found. or The class name 'AdminPriceRuleController' cannot be found. How can I fix it? Best regards, Lea
  5. Hello, yesterday I solved the problem by changing the parameters of the administration in the prestashop backpanel. and my php.ini Best regards, Lea
  6. I tried to zip it but still if does not work, also my php.ini the post_max_size is 64M All of the options of uploading files are on 64. Could it be another problem? Regards, Lea
  7. Hola muchas gracias. Revise el php.ini en mi servidor. El tamaño que lo tengo puesto son 64M ¿Sera que no es suficiente? U otro error tal vez. Saludos, Lea
  8. Hello, I have to make a music shop. Where I can sell the album of a certain band, but also individual songs. I try to make the upload of the song file but it gives me an error about exceeding the max size of the file. El archivo subido excede el "Tamaño máximo para un producto descargable" establecido en preferencias (2MB) o la directiva post_max_size/ en php.ini (2MB). Please help, what can I do so I can upload my song files? Best regards, Lea
  9. Buenas, estoy haciendo una página en prestashop y debo de vender música. Pero al subir la canción para poderla como producto esto es lo que me sale y evita que pueda lograrlo. El archivo subido excede el "Tamaño máximo para un producto descargable" establecido en preferencias (2MB) o la directiva post_max_size/ en php.ini (2MB). Saludos, Lea
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