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  1. Solved by disabling and enabling all categories and sub categories.
  2. Hi All, Logged in this morning and i could not access products on the sub categories both in frontend and backend. Only parent categories appear in backend and frontend. Any help on this will be appreciated. Prestashop 1.7.6
  3. Any luck on this? I have tried regenerating .htaccess but no luck, this is not good at all.
  4. This has not helped in anyway. Any other solutions. I have changed all file and folder permissions accordingly but nothing happened.
  5. Quick Solution: By default prestashop will turn this ON "Use the disk as cache for PDF invoices" Found on Orders > Invoices > scroll down to see 'Use the disk as cache for PDF invoices' . Simply turn it off and try to generate invoices. The main function is 'Saves memory but slows down the PDF generation'. PDF genetration can run faster if it was turned off. Hope this helps ?
  6. Please i need urgent help on how to solve bulk download of invoices in pdf. Downloading 3 days to 1 month worth of invoices runs into the following errors, I have checked with my hosting provider and we have doubled the exceution time but still experiencing the same problems. Any workable soilution would do including reference to a good invoice module that doesnt involve these problems Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home2/public_html//tools/tcpdf/tcpdf.php on line 25899
  7. Dont waste your time looking around, firstly check the last modules installed , disable or uninstall them, then try to come back to the upgrade page, you should see all checks marked green. If you recently installed more than one module, its better to tweak around disabling and uninstalling the modules to see which is exhausting the max_execution_time If no success, then look into the settings of the server max_execution_time to see if it has the right settings. You may need to add it to the php.ini file in the root. it may be worthwhile consulting your host to see if there are any restrictions but that's after all the above has been explored.
  8. In every problem, there is that little thing that when found opens the way to solving the problem. Prestashop is fantastic, i just believe they havent spent time to write a good tutorial on this. I have managed to put up something for you people here, i hope it helps.
  9. Hello, Since i was not able to find a module that would function like a courier/freight booking system. I had to quickly improvise something. I also wanted something that would not involve too much hacking due to version upgrades. Basically what you want to do is have an order process that would show delivery address as Collection Address and then Billing Address as Delivery address. You also want this to be the case in the order email sent to the customer. Please do the following; 1. Locate order-opc.tpl in themes/default-bootstrap/ On or around line 108 change the highlighted to match what you want {capture}<h3 class="page-subheading">{l s=' Check Your delivery address' js=1}</h3>{/capture} On or around line 110 change the highlighted to match what you want {capture}<h3 class="page-subheading">{l s='Check Your collection address' js=1}</h3>{/capture} The above would change the details on the checkout to Collection and Delivery addresses. (just uncheck using delivery address as billing address, and add a new address with another title , you may call it Collection or Delivery or anything you want, just for future reference. 2. Locate order_conf.html in /mails/en/ On or around line 332 change the following highlighted <p data-html-only="1" style="border-bottom:1px solid #D6D4D4;margin:3px 0 7px;text-transform:uppercase;font-weight:500;font-size:18px;padding-bottom:10px"> Collection address </p> On or around line 350 change the following highlighted <p data-html-only="1" style="border-bottom:1px solid #D6D4D4;margin:3px 0 7px;text-transform:uppercase;font-weight:500;font-size:18px;padding-bottom:10px"> Delivery address </p> The above would change the Address headings in the customer confirmation email. Now in the admin, you can view the order in the order page. Note that the Delivery address and the Billing address in the order details page applies to the changes made above. For example, the billing address is now the Delivery address for the customer. 3. Locate order-detail.tpl in themes/default-bootstrap/ On or around line 87 change the following highlighted <li><h3 class="page-subheading">{l s='Collection address'} </h3> On or around line 101 change the following highlighted <li><h3 class="page-subheading">{l s='Delivery address'} </h3></li> The above would change the address headings on the order history page in front office We would be happy to see a module in this direction. 2ND OPTION Just use Product Customization to collect the data on the product page before it is checked out.
  10. Alright sorted. As a customer checking out purchase, all you need is to uncheck the "Use as billing address" and then add another address with another address title for future use. I was trying to make Prestashop do the same work a courier / freight booking site would do in simple ways without too much hack. I will post the procedure on a different topic
  11. Hello, How can i get the Delivery and Billing address to be different ? At the moment they are duplicating each other no matter the one you updated during the checkout process. Whether the option to use delivery address as billing address is unchecked, it does not work. We need to sort this out as urgent as possible? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Ok . Here is another one. Is there any way of doing the following? 1. Make the billing address different from delivery address as it defaults to the same address at the moment in 1.6 2. A way to show both billing and delivery address for an order in the order detail.
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if anybody could suggest a module that would work in the following ways, just as you have in the transport industry. 1. A customer could enter a collection address and delivery during any order process and this information can be viewed by admin and customer in the order details. 2. Or any other way to achieve this in prestashop that does not involve hacking.
  14. Thanks mate ! I wonder if the versions are not well checked or may be there is a reason why it was set aside for custom installation?
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