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  1. My guess: the prestashop docs say: so I guess I need to uninstall and install the module after every change? Not very handy, is it? I guess I'm left with working on the $PRESTASHOP_ROOT/override folder directly, and only when I'm done developing try to place the override code into a module and check in a fresh prestashop if it would install correctly to the override folder. Is that correct?
  2. Hello, I'm experimenting with modules and overrides. I'd love to pack all my modifications to prestashop into one module, but I found that I can override core classes only from the $PRESTASHOP_ROOT/override folder. The same files, when placed in $PRESTASHOP_ROOT/modules/my_module/override, have no effect at all. I also couldn't find the class_index.php file indicated in the documentation, I have checked that the www-data user has write permissions in that folder, so what else? The module was activated in the backoffice, of course, and it displays a nice block in the front. It's only the overrides that do not work. Thanks in advance!
  3. How can we see the point of sale feature in the demo? Is there a login you can share? Is this free software? I'm from Spain, and I'm interested. Thanks
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