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  1. Hosting...

    So reveal us this "secret" and why you don't care about it?
  2. Hosting...

    Dh42 P.S. Maybe you as native modules developer can provide an answer why the Presta 1.7 when installs or updates any modules from backend sets insecure permissions 777 to folders and 666 to files instead of standard ones 755 and 644? This issue is registered at bugtracker more than a half a year ago and no fixes issued.
  3. Hosting...

    Dh42 Any open source product like Prestashop or operation system or something else is a mostly DIY thing which has own security flaws left unpatched for long periods of time. If you want security, reliablity etc you should consider something else and it will be fully commecial. Although it may be based on open source though. I repeat, on my opinion, there is no much sense in server core managment only. The only thing which may have some worth for "pure merchants" or we may say "common users" is their wocommerce and wordpress solutions. You are actually titled here as Native Modules Developer but not a merchant, so you definetely should have some knowledge about how OS works. Having a VPS you actually don't need any support, except the case when your server went offline. This forum is a merchant forum? LOL, most of the topics here are related to technical issues.
  4. Hosting...

    Sure, one correct initialization and later running some commands from CLI periodically is a very difficult and time consuming task worth of paying 20 times more montly, LOL. Things you are talking about are only have some sense if you are buying "a complete solution" like their managed woocommerce or wordpress offer but the price is even more high and the quality is still to be checked. By the way why they aren't offer similar Prestashop subscription plan?
  5. Hosting...

    Don't be ridiculous they simply can't be 20 times better than hetzner or similar. So high prices are mean the only thing that they are ineffective - their resources and hired labor costs too much so they offer overpriced products.
  6. Hosting...

    El Patron $59 per month for the cheapest and why the heck Linux only VPS - are you joking? :)) I would go better Hetzner for 3 euros month https://www.hetzner.com/cloud For 3 euros/month it's possible to have 2 GB RAM 1 vCPU 20 GB SSD Disk Space 20 TB Bandwidth
  7. Hosting...

    On shared hostings, even certified ones like Inmotion etc you will get problem with wrong permissions (777 & 666) set by Presta 1.7 everytime you install a module etc. So the VPS/VDS or hardware servers are the only choice. P.S. Seems like Presta developers aren't very interested in fixing this BUG.
  8. Для того что бы проверить правильность настроек сервера можно провести простой тест на то с какими permissions апач создает файлы в document root при помощи файлика test.php в корне Престы со следующим содержимым <?php if ($fp = fopen(time() . '.txt', 'w')) { fwrite($fp, 'This is a simple test.'); fclose($fp); echo "done"; } else { echo "error - cannot create file"; } ?> Если выполнить его путем захода на http://ip address/test.php я получаю файл с содержимым "This is a simple test" с правильными permissions 644, так какого себя Преста так не ведет?
  9. Еще немного про shared hosting есть например такая контора как Namecheap так у них на хостинге всё что 666 & 777 не запускается. Потому вряд ли они себе такую головную боль специально придумали. Так же на Преста багтрекере зарегистрирован баг BOOM-2948 по которому никто не чешется уже больше чем полгода почему так. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-2948
  10. В случае шаред хостинга еще можно согласиться с такой версией но я поднял локальную виртуалку на FreeBSD и там наблюдаю ту же самую проблему. Подскажите куда копать если не сложно. У меня были мысли про umask но он дефолтный правильный 0022..
  11. Уважаемый Kern почему при установке модуля из админки Преста лепит права на папку 777 а на файлы в ней 666? Приходится вручную после инсталяции менять на 755 и 644.
  12. Same problem, tried installation on the shared hosting and VPS on FreeBSD. I thought that this issue may be umask related but my umask value is 22 which is corresponds to 755 and 644. What the heck is wrong with this Prestashop.
  13. New default theme for Presta 1.7 is awful. Is there any way to use Presta 1.7 with 1.6 default theme or at least make main menu in 1.7 similar to 1.6? Where to dig what files to edit?
  14. Доброго времени суток, подскажите пожалуйста где ковырять и что, что бы сделать главное меню в версии 1.7 как в версии 1.6 т.е. сдвинуть на строку вниз что бы больше категорий влезло? Либо есть способ натянуть дефолтную тему с 1.6 на 1.7?
  15. Translations not being saved

    Experiencing same issues. Any solution is found?