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  1. Hi there, in search of a module that puts a 'licencing' watermark into a purchased pdf I came across this module. I am wondering if anyone has any experiences with this module and if it works for both, clean pdf and zipped folders that contain pdfs. Thanks all for your feedback, here is the link. My shop is currently on, so the module should work. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-security-access/2565-pdf-stamper.html
  2. Edit: I have found solutions for both problems. To help others I'll explain here: 1st for the revocation terms, I have added them by default to the checkbox for the T/C that needs to be checked at the checkout. 2nd for the delivery time, I have changed the settings in the 'Advanced EU Compliance' module in the shop. So, it was no need for the support to login to my shop. A simple information about the location for the settings would have done it, although I have found it without help now. *** *** *** Hi there, I wrote to the support about two problems I have with this module. In general it works fine. However there are two settings that create a totally different appearance compared to the standard digital download product that comes with the Prestashop installation. The support asked me for login details to my shop to modify the settings to be the same that my standard digital downloads (the one from Prestashop without attributes) have. I hesitate to provide my login details for 2 reasons: When they answer my support mails they don't even bother to put a name under the messages, means I have no idea who do I talk to. I don't know if I always talk to the same person or to how many different guys. Why should I provide such delicate details to a total stranger? These settings - in my opinion - should be explained in the installation guide for the module, so I am requesting an explained and understandable way to be able to change the settings myself to actually know what I am doing. It doesn't help me and other users at all when the support goes into my shop and change the setting the way I like and need them while other users have exactly the same problem. Yes the answer can be extremely difficult to understand because they want to make sure people do NOT do it by them-self. But HOPEFULLY it is understandable enough for people like me who setup and run their shop without help of a third party so far ... ;-) For these two reasons I'm trying to get some help here from the forum, since the support is not very helpful with it. Also it seams that there are different people dealing with the problem. While one answer was that 'yes, it is correct it is related to the module' another answer (a few hours later after I refused to give access) was that it is a setting in Prestashop itself, not in the module. Ok, bear with me please. I am starting to list the problems I need help with. 1. The most important one: Checkbox for return policy for digital downloads is gone at the checkout. When using a standard digital download setting from Prestashop, the checkbox for the return policy for digital downloads MUST BE checked by the customer by default before he can process to the checkout. However, as soon as I create a product with attributes using the Digitalique Download module, that checkbox is not there anymore. Question: where do I have to change the setting to enable that checkbox to make sure the customer can not proceed to checkout without checking/accepting the return policy for digital downloads? See first two attached pictures for that question. 2. Showing the delivery time for digital downloads: Standard digital download ok, module using not ok The standard setting for the Prestashop digital downloads shows the product view the right way, in both the front end homepage as well as in the product description (front end). So, means that there is no delivery time shown since it is an instant download once payment is received (picture 3). When I use the module to create a product with attributes, I can not remove the 1-2 Days Delivery Time, although I have written in the product description (Quantity tab) that it is an instant download (by the way that is the place I have to change that setting to remove the 1-2 days info, said the support. But that does not work, the delivery time is still there...). I have added a 5th picture to show the difference between module product settings and standard settings by Prestashop. The red rectangle marked products are the once created with Digitalique Downloads module (showing the delivery time - I don't want that, as it is totally confusing information for my customers and I am bombarded with requests, how long it takes for them to receive the files. Unwanted!). The red circle is the product created as a Prestashop standard digital product without attributes, and it is shown the way I want it. No delivery times at all, happy customers. Question: Where can I change that setting. No, it is NOT the area in the Quantity tab. That doesn't have any effect to this appearance. If there is someone from Silbersaiten support here to give answers which not only would help me but also other users, that would be great. It is not a 'give me your login details and I'll change it for you' option at all. Since this is clearly caused by the module it should be added to the installation guide for the module, where ever the setting needs to be changed in the Prestashop installation. Thanks for your help in advance. Prestashop Version, Browsers testet and used: Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  3. Is there no one from Prestashop who is able to answer this questions? Would be great to get some feedback, please. Thank you.
  4. Hi there, I am selling download products only. I am missing a very important feature in the backend, once a customer made a purchase. In an order it should be possible not only to see, how many times a customer has already downloaded the purchased product. It should also be possible to change the number of allowed downloads. I can not find any options for that. I even searched in the database: in the order, in the download products and in the general settings. I am a bit disappointed, since I know from a few other shop systems (even free CMS systems) that it is possible to give the shop owner access to this option in the shop backend - and even shows the customer in his account, how many downloads for a products are still available. Is there any solution for this problem for PrestaShop? Or is there a reliable module on the market that works well and without blackouts after an update? Any help is deeply appreciated since this is a very important feature, which (I know) not only I am missing. Thank you so much.
  5. Hi there, I've searched the forum but didn't find a topic that is close to my question. I am wondering, if it is possible to either include a CMS page or a Link in the bar with New Products, Specials etc., on the front page (in my template it would be underneath the Sliders). I'd like to include a link to my tutorials at the front page. Are there any solutions that don't require going deep into the core and also are update secure? Has anyone a hint how to do that? Many thanks.
  6. Good question, I wish it would be possible to enable thumbnails for subcategories without showing the banner image.
  7. Which paragraph would this be, Daresh? I don't want to remove to much ... ;-) but I want to get rid of that sign too. My products are always available, because they are download products. Isn't there any other way to disable the tag?
  8. Hi, this looks really inviting to me. My current PrestaShop version is When I create a template for my shop, will it be compatible with this version? I want to give this theme make a go to personalise my template. Cheers.
  9. Hi there, I have hundreds of products already in my shop, in different categories. Google Chrome has saving issues when I try do update my existing products, so I went with Firefox for the last few days. Now since yesterday, all my products in the BO are "gone". There is no single product listed when I am in Category/Products and I have no idea how to make them "visible" again. I know they are there because I can see them in Google Chrome - which doesn't help because of the saving problems with that browser. Has anyone any idea if this is also a bug in Firefox or if there is a hint how to display the products so that I can modify them? The interesting thing is, as long as the products are disabled in the shop, I can see them listed in Firefox. As soon as I enable them to be available in the frontend, they disappear in the Firefox listing in the backend. PrestaShop version, default bootstrap theme ... Thank you.
  10. Hi Donnerberg, thanks for the video, it solved my problems. Cheers.
  11. Hallo und guten Morgen in die Runde. Ich habe ein Problem, dem ich nicht auf die Spur komme, und offensichtlich betrifft es nur die Ansicht in Google Chrome. Mein Shop ist zweisprachig, deutsch und englisch. Seit heute passiert es mir in Google Chrome (dem Browser, den ich eigentlich hautpsaechlich benutze), dass die deutsche Startseite sauber dargestellt wird, die englische Startseite aber kein Topmenu und auch keine "neuesten Produkte" anzeigt. Ich habe schon Cache gelehrt etc. Einige Zeit spaeter hats dann wieder funktioniert, alles war sauber. Und nun schon wieder nicht mehr. Ich hab dann in Firefox und Internet Explorer getestet, da ist alles paletti in beiden Sprachen. Weiss jemand, woran das liegen koennte? Ist das ein Google Chrome Bug oder was wird da nicht geladen? Lieben Dank, ich bin gespannt, ob jemand weiter weiss. Shopversion, Theme default-bootstrap
  12. Hallo, ich bin dabei, die Emailtemplates (bei "Übersetzungen - Translation) anzupassen. Bei dem Template order_changed ist in der englischen Sprachversion zwar die Vorschau aktiv, aber ich kann weder die HTML noch die TXT Version bearbeiten. Die deutsche Sprachversion ist ganz und gar leer. Alle anderen Templates konnte ich bearbeiten, nur dieses eine stellt sich stur. Wo muss ich da suchen, um den Fehler zu beheben? Oder muss irgendein Update installiert werden, dass diesen Bug (?) behebt? Vielen Dank für hoffentlich wenigstens eine hilfreiche Antwort. Shopversion, zweisprachig (Deutsch, Englisch), Template default-bootstrap, Browser Google Chrome. Alle im Backend empfohlenen Updates für die Module wurden durchgeführt.
  13. Same here, same questions. PrestaShop, do you have any answers for us? Thank you.
  14. Vielen Dank fuer die Hilfe. Ich bin mal gespannt, obs nun dauerhaft funktioniert. Ich habe nicht nur Deutsch als Sprache, sondern Deutsch und Englisch, und habe es so eingestellt, dass der Shop in der Browserhauptsprache des Betrachters angezeigt wird. Hauptsprache ist allerdings Englisch.
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