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  1. Ahhh... Just figured out how to mark it as "solved." It was that catalog mode button. I had searched for it in my admin, but all I got was 5 results for add-ons I could purchase. Having the path helped tremendously.
  2. I am so frustrated with this damn website that I'm nearly in tears and ready to look into another e-commerce platform. This has become a nightmare!!! And unfortunately, I don't know .php, nor do any of my developer friends. I tried adding new products today. First, in my admin, I have to click to make it "on sale" for the price to register. When I put in the price otherwise and click, "save and stay," when the page reloads, it has that the product costs $0.00000." Second, I checked the product I added, and there's no price showing up. I figured it was just that one new product but decided to check on earlier added products. NONE OF MY PRICES ARE SHOWING ANYMORE!!! Here's an example: http://coastalcarolinasoap.com/index.php?id_product=9&controller=product Plus, there's that stupid Paypal button right over the brief description of my products. What is going on and how can I fix it?
  3. When I try to add new products to my site, everything saves except for the price. Even though I'll put in the price (i.e., $25.00 for the most recent frustrating product), it'll say, "Final Retail Price: $25.00 (incl. tax)," but when I click either "save" or "save and stay," it goes back to zero. Help, please!!! This is frustrating me to tears! Template: jewellry URL: coastalcarolinasoap.com
  4. My site is http://coastalcarolinasoap.com. If you scroll down the home page to just under the pics of the soaps, there is a bar with three links. I can't remember how to configure that and change the links/verbiage. The developer had told me how to do it, but I can't find those communications now. Help! TIA!
  5. I'm no help, Steven, but I'm having attributes problems, too. I'm using Jewellry template, and the developer told me to come here to the forums for help with this problem. I have "scent" as a product feature with three attributes (scents). When I am editing a product, such as sea salt scrubs that come in multiple scents, there's no way to have a place in the product listing for the customer to choose their scent. How can I fix this? coastalcarolinasoap.com Thanks! ~Sara
  6. Well, shoot. A friend posted a screen shot from her iphone, and it looked good. I checked my permissions on those files; they were set too high, and I adjusted them all to 644, as well as checking the permissions on the other font-awesome files in that folder. As catdragon says ^^^ he's helping me. He's a developer, but .php is far from his most proficient language. This seems to be mostly .css, though; that force is fairly strong in him.
  7. My site is coastalcarolinasoap.com. You can see the random squares/rectangles in the black contact bar at the top of the home page, as well as in the search and cart boxes near the top. The link to my admin is coastalcarolinasoap.com/admin123. There, you see colored boxes under the login box where PS's social media links should be. I see the boxes in Firefox and Chrome; however, the icons show up in Safari.
  8. I figured that out, didn't find it at first, then went back and combed that page again. I found it this time, but my settings were already at the recommended ones, so... <sigh> Back to the drawing board.
  9. I'm running PS 1.5 with the Jewellry theme. My small icons aren't showing up on my site or my admin in Firefox or Chrome. I've gone through the steps here, as has my developer-friend who is WAY better at .css than I am. Simply put, what is the simplest way to fix this? I need help from the theme developer on a function on my site, and his team nor he will help me with it until this icon issue is fixed.
  10. Where is this section, because I'm not finding it in 1.6?
  11. My logs weren't showing anything remarkable, and, in fact, I didn't have any logs dating from the installation of this shopping cart. I contacted my host who was able to find the errors and correct them. (My Cpanel wasn't coming up for me, either.)
  12. I, too, have tried everything suggested. I have no known reason for the Error 500; pressing F5 didn't do a thing. My error message comes up when I try to get to my admin login page. There are no signs of .htaccess files in my cpanel at all. More disturbing is that the Zen-Cart icon appears on that page, even though I'm typing in my PS admin url. I removed ZC before installing PS. Sooo... next? Doing this on Win7, by the way.
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