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  1. I am having exactly the same issue as schibulski with version 3.11.1. Has anyone got this module to work with Paypal Plus?
  2. ¡Hola! First of all, I love your module and use it every time. It works like a charm, can handle my over 5000 product combinations and speeds up the import significantly. I have a suggestion for the interface: How about using only one line for each fork, to show which number the fork is working on right now. When this item is finished, the content of this single line changes to show the next item number. Right now, your module adds one line after the other, and I have to scroll down to check the status. I feel that this is unnecessary. Best regards, Florian
  3. There you go, see attachment. I have used the non-formal way of saying "Follow us on" (in German "Folge uns bei" instead of the formal "Folgen Sie uns bei"), but feel free to change that. And concerning the file and folder name, maybe you could give advice similar to this in your very first post: When someone visits your GitHub page, clicks "Clone or download", and then "Download ZIP", one will get a file named "blockinstagram-master.zip". Inside, there is a folder named "blockinstagram-master". To make the import facilities of Prestashop work, one has to unpack it, rename the folder to "blockinstagram" and zip it as "blockinstagram.zip". Kind regards, Florian de.php
  4. I really like your module, it is exactly what I was looking for. Would you be interested in a German translation as a thank you? Kind regards, Florian
  5. Hi MrManchot, I think I found the reason why the module is not showing up: Apparently, Prestashop does not like folder names with a dash in it. I unpacked the archive, renamed the folder from "blockinstagram-master" to "blockinstagram" and packed it again as "blockinstagram.zip". Then it was added correctly and visible in the modules list in the back office. Kind regards, Florian
  6. I have found a solution here, and it works in https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/349564-required-attribute-selection/?do=findComment&comment=1859922
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