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  1. Thank you for your reply,but it is the image I built with photoshop,and the background is pure white,I had tried web color white and RGB color white in photoshop,but it didn't work on my website,I think maybe there is a gray background in my product.css,but I can find it.I can't work it out.
  2. Thank you for your reply,it's my first page,and my first image of every product,I had set the white background,but it looks like there is another gray background on the image. I tried to use another white image to replace the product,but the white image still shows a gray background,I don't know how to change it. the original image is this and the blank image built by photoshop with wite color,shows like this,it's also gray. I tried to change the product.css with the method on google,but it doesn't work here is my product.css https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23471118/QQ%E5%BD%B1%E5%83%8F%E6%89%B9%E9%87%8F%E7%BC%96%E8%BE%91%E7%BB%93%E6%9E%9C/product.txt
  3. My website is ohmycos.com, I have changed the theme of the website to white color, then I uploaded the product image,the background of the product image is white, but after I uploaded the product image,the background of the product images wasn't white on the website, it looks like there is another gray background image on the product image, How can I change the background of the product image?
  4. Thank you for your reply,I can't find that image,I tried to change every possible image on payment Modules,but It is still the original logo.
  5. I have installed Modules:Paypal USA Canada. I tried to change the payment logo,I changed the payment logo on Theme configurator , I also changed the logo on product payment logos block, But when I come to check out,on the page"Please Choose Your Payment Method", It is still the original logo from paypal,with the word"Pay with PayPal". And it's on the bottom left corner of the page. I want to change this logo,it is a little small,and I also want to put the logo on the right corner of the page,just like the Button Proceed to Checkout. How can I change this logo from paypal?And change the position to the bottom right corner of the page?
  6. The default language of my web is English,when I choose a different language,the theme are changed,why? My web is www.ohmycos.com,it is normal when the language is English,but when I choose a different language on the upper right corner of the homepage,the theme are changed,why? How can I keep this theme with different language?
  7. Thank you for your help,I just updated it,I think you are right,the problem should be blocklayered navigation module. it got back to normal now.
  8. 很多基础设置不知道有什么作用,调整了好多设置,不知道是动到了哪里,现在正常了
  9. It got back to normal several hours later,I don't know why.
  10. There should be 35 products in two products pages,but everytime I click the page button,there will be only 4 products on my page,sometimes the page is empty,I have to refresh the page,then all the products comes out,how can I solve this problem? When I click Previous or Next Button It is empty.
  11. 默认模板,同目录产品有2页,设置的每页18个产品,每次点翻页按钮以后,页面产品空白,什么产品也没有,要么就是只显示3个产品,每次都要把页面刷新一下产品才能显示出来,怎么解决呢? 就是点上面这个第一页第二页的按钮,或者点previous或者next,产品显示就出错,显示下面这样的空白页,要么只显示4个产品
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