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  1. I would like Layered Module be shown in homepage (left column) also in ver 1.4.x Any idea ?? Thanks ahead of time !!
  2. Try "Layered navigation block" in admin/modules/Front office features in ver 1.4 It´s part of prestashop preinstalled modules.
  3. Me pasa lo mismo, cuando veo la base de datos aparece como NO indexado, cuando se graba desde el BO cambia su estado a SI indexado. Raro.
  4. Is it possible hide prices to unregistered users, and show prices only to registered users ?? When login without register, change price for a text like this: "Register to see prices". But once loged as registered user let prices appear.
  5. "I need the shop to set different prices for different groups of clients." It's easy. In version 1.4 just create groups WITHOUT discount. In ADMIN ==> CATALOG ==> ARTICLE ==> 3.- PRICES Setup a specific price for each group or set up a discount in amount or percentage. Do this for each group. There it is ! different prices for different groups. " I need to show some products only available to some clients." You can get this done creating a category for each group, when create a category mark the groups which will have access to. Different group users will not have access to. "I also need the shop to be private and only registered users have access to the products." mmm... Good question.
  6. Same problem here. (brand new instalation glamour theme) I create new categories and it shows on front, but in admin backend, categories tab, only shows -- as name and description. When try to add a product this new category are not listed in categories drop-down menu and not listed in categories tree.
  7. I'm so bussy now, but hope this help. Edit the banner.swf location. param name="movie" value="flash/banner.swf?button=0" object data="flash/header.swf?button=0" Your file is NOT in http://www.aero-files.com/flash/banner.swf Or do you have ?? Also edit the banner.xml specify the images correct location. (thumbs, slides, res) Hope this help Presta-Friend. Adal.
  8. jajajaja I had the same problem, here is my solution. Shipping -> Zones Create UK (Delete others) Shipping -> Countries Create UK in UK zone. Status enabeled, CHANGE contain states to yes. Shipping -> States. Create UK states. "There are no carriers available that will deliver to this address!" Setup one carrier for and add delivery prices. Check out your Account info and be sure is set it up in new changes. Don't get stressed, this happen.
  9. Use PHP mail() function Never fails. lol. If you still want to use SMTP check your settings in backOffice -> Preferences -> Email. Some times SMTP and POP (or IMAP) server have different addresses, check this out and add the right one. If use SSL or other encription, servers adress change too. Check on your server the Number of port to use, usually is 25, but in many cases is 26 or other. in SMTP user write the full e-mail address with @ and .com Save changes to configuration. Once page re-load Test your e-mail configuration sending a test e-mail at the bottom of this screen. Hope this help you.
  10. Let us know if that works for you too. Good luck.
  11. You don not have to multiply. Add product as 20 pieces. Then set up set up a price for 20 pieces, other price to 40 pieces, 100 pieces and so on. Or set up Product quantity discounts. If he purchase X qty. get thos discount. Hope this help.
  12. You must get this done in your PayPal account, there is where you indicate (in paypal website, must log-in) which is the return url must client be re-directed to. There are some content requirements on this URL (read it in paypal). Good luck !!
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