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  1. Hi, In your case, you need to custom the query sql. Please open file: public_html/controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php Go to line code: 58 Change it from: country_lang.name as cname, To: CONCAT(address.`address1`, \' - \', address.`postcode`, \' - \', address.`phone`, \' - \', address.`city`, \' - \', country_lang.name) AS `cname`, This is my result testing:
  2. Hi there, Please open file: public_html/controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php Remove line code: 86 to 92. Save the file and double test.
  3. Hi there, In your case, maybe some address fields are empty. You can add it and double test.
  4. Hi, You can add it by the way: Go to your back office >> Localization >> Countries >> Edit country (Philippines) Add the new fields for address format.
  5. Hi, All the products will be shown on the products list page in your back office. You can search it by name, id, ... on this page.
  6. Hi there, This is checkout page, you can translate it in here: Thanks,
  7. Hi, You can change it to. <a href={$return_link}>Go to Category</a> Thanks, Quang
  8. Thank you for your confirmation. Have a nice weekend!
  9. Hi there, There are 2 ways: 1. override function getWidgetVariables() in the file ps_languageselector.php of module ps_languageselector public function getWidgetVariables($hookName = null, array $configuration = []) { $languages = Language::getLanguages(true, $this->context->shop->id); $lang_en = array(); $lang_au = array(); $lang_other = array(); foreach ($languages as &$lang) { $lang['name_simple'] = $this->getNameSimple($lang['name']); if ($language['iso_code'] == 'en') { $lang_en[] = $lang; } else if ($language['iso_code'] == 'gb') { $lang_au[] = $lang; } else { $lang_other[] = $lang; } } $languages = array_merge($lang_en, $lang_au, $lang_other); return array( 'languages' => $languages, 'current_language' => array( 'id_lang' => $this->context->language->id, 'name' => $this->context->language->name, 'name_simple' => $this->getNameSimple($this->context->language->name) ) ); } 2. Override function getLanguages of class getLanguage unzip file attachment >> upload (via ftp, or cpanel) >> put it in public_html/override/classes/ For case 1: this code will be overriden if you upgrade module. For case 2: It works fine in the case upgrade PS Thanks, Language.zip
  10. Hi, Like in the prev message, you need to override function getLanguages in the class Language (Language.php) and put it in the folder: public_html/override/classes/Language.php. Please let me know your PS version. I will help you to create the file override. Thanks, Quang
  11. Hi there, Yes, you can change in the file ps_languageselector.php. But if you change in there, you only use for this block. If you change in the function getLanguages, you will override anywhere. You can change the class getLanguages the same image. Thanks, Quang
  12. Hi there, The language table doesn't support the position field. So, you cannot change the language position from your back office. In your case, you can override function getLanguages of class Language (Language.php) , sort (change) position of the language in this array. Thanks, Quang
  13. Hi there, In your case, you need to change the struct of your theme. Please open the file: (via cpanel or ftp) /your_site(public_html)/themes/your_theme(classic)/templates/catalog/product.tpl Move the block tab the same image. Turn off the option cache from your back office, clear your browser cache and double test. Thanks,
  14. Hi there, There are 2 ways to change it. 1. Change in the theme (template file)(not good) 2. Translate it from your backoffice. Step 1: Login your backoffice, go to tab International >> Translations Step 2: search and translate this text Step 3: turn off cache, clear your browser cache and double test Thanks,
  15. Hi there, I saw in your attachment file, there are 3 different warehouses (id_warehouse = 0, 1, 2). => When you tried to create the order, there are 3 orders and it's correct. Thanks, Quang
  16. Hi there, You can edit order page (orders history) in here: your_site/themes/your_theme/templates/customer/history.tpl
  17. Hi Koppa, In your case, may be your carrier doesn't available for customer address (your customer zone). Please go to you back office, edit a carrier, assign zone (step 2), go to front end and double test
  18. In this case, you need to go to function of module (hook or use for checkout page) and add debug code for each line code. It spends more time.
  19. Hi there, In your case, please access to your server (via ftp or cpanel), open the file: your_site/config/defines.inc.php Change the value: _PS_MODE_DEV_ from: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); to: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); After that go to checkout page and double test, the error will be shown.
  20. Hi there, It means you want to integrate module payment WePay (wepay.com) ? In this case you need to register return url on Wepay site and it will be added in the OAuth2 URL
  21. Hi there, There are 2 cases. 1. If this block is a html code. You can open the file product.tpl (your_site/themes/theme_name/product.tpl) via cpanel or ftp, copy this html from block tab content paste to block product right. 2. If this block is the content of a module. 2.1 Please add the function hookDisplayRightColumnProduct, it looks like this. public function hookDisplayRightColumnProduct() { // copy code of the function hookDisplayProductTabContent() in here. } => Save file 2.2 Login to your back office site: Modules and Services >> Positions Unhook displayProductTabContent(), register hook displayRightColumnProduct Thanks, PrestaMonster
  22. Hi there, In your case, please access to your hosting via cpanel or ftp account. After that, go to file config/defines.inc.php, change the line code: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); To define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); Save this file and reload modules page. Now you can see the error. Best regards,
  23. Hi there, In your case, please open the file: config/defines.inc.php Go to line code 29 change this line code From define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); To define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); After that go to front end and double test. Now, you can see the detail error & fix it. Best regards, PrestaMonster
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