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  1. Make Paypal work.?

    Give me your site URL and any specific problem details for your paypal?
  2. Hi, Yes the new Prestashop 1.6 your slider will show on browser small size but will not show the actual device. And yes this is A very GOOD news instead of bad. WHY? From now you can control your all module for Show/Not Show on Mobile/Tablet/Desktop device. So now it is more easy to hide or show module on each device !!! ROCK ON!!! For your case check attach. Please mark this post as [sOLVED] as i know this is the exactly problem you facing.... Thanks, Arafat
  3. Where the thread moved? give me the link, I need to know how to make French lang on Moneris hosted pay page?
  4. [SOLVED] Store redirecting from localhost

    Hi, try to go "Back Office>Preferences>SEO & URLs" then scroll down and find the tab "URLs Setup" in this section you need to define your:- PS directory = /prestashop_1.4.1/ Homepage file = index.php Shop domain name = http://localhost/prestashop_1.4.1 Shop domain name for SSL = https://localhost/prestashop_1.4.1 Please be confirm that you delete your .htaccess file from ROOT folder /prestashop_1.4.1/ when you are in local server, [be sure backup your .htaccess file before delete] May be it will help, also be sure to turn off friendly-url when you are on your local server. If it solve your problem then please mark the post as [sOLVED] as other people can get help thanks, Arafat Jahan
  5. Looking for a Prestashop Programmer

    Hi, please email me at arafat_jahan@yahoo.com for details about your project time and cost. waiting for your mail, thanks, Arafat
  6. [Solved] Unable to login in FO

    Check your Back Office>Preferences>SEO & URLs and make sure all your languages have define url-rewrite , as if any url-rewrite was not define than it will not work in friendly-URL mode.
  7. Try the following, this is with minimum qty for 1.4vr, and there are two option, change your select option as you need , here are 1-10 for all product, and upto 5 times for minimum qty product that are min more than 1 <!-- quantity wanted --> quantity <= 0) OR $virtual OR !$product->available_for_order OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE} style="display: none;"{/if}> {if $product->minimal_quantity > 1} {$product->minimal_quantity} {$product->minimal_quantity*2} {$product->minimal_quantity*3} {$product->minimal_quantity*4} {$product->minimal_quantity*5} {else}{if $product->minimal_quantity <= 1} 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 {/if}{/if}
  8. <!-- quantity wanted --> quantity <= 0) OR $virtual OR !$product->available_for_order OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE} style="display: none;"{/if}> {$product->minimal_quantity} == {$combination.minimal_quantity} == {$product->minimal_quantity} {if $product->minimal_quantity > 1} {$product->minimal_quantity} {$product->minimal_quantity*2} {$product->minimal_quantity*3} {$product->minimal_quantity*4} {$product->minimal_quantity*5} {else}{if $product->minimal_quantity <= 1} 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 {/if}{/if}
  9. Hi, very good module, We need it now in our shop, once I configure it and if it works well i will must donate you.
  10. I need the same things, does anyone can help. I need a dropdown menu of customer group that customer can select their desire group when create account, and dropdown should come form database, i mean which group are already created in back office. Like if i have 3 group group1, group2, group3. then customer have a dropdown menu of this 3 group option to select, group can be 3 or more. Any one help please
  11. I have also the same problem, i buy vr 4.5 from prestashop ADDON, It seems login on facebook, but not login on site also not create account on site with that facebook mail, please advice me
  12. check that do your theme folder have any modules folder, if so then you need to add your language_ISO.php file from original module to this theme module. It will be a better solution if you do not need that module folder, than just delete all the folder from module folder on theme, it will work well. PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: I TALKED ABOUT ROOT/themes/theme/modules folder, DO NOT delete your ROOT/MODULES folder And the language ISO file , like for English en.php, you will find this in your root module/your_module folder Thanks
  13. Adding trackingnumber module

    Hi, prestashop has default option to set track number, just go to your carrier and set the track link, put '@' where you want track number Now when you change your order status to "shiped" you will find track number input filed on the right side shipping information tab, Now your customer will be able to track the shipment from their account, and you also can track from order page. Thanks, Arafat Jahan arafat_jahan@yahoo.com
  14. Voucher causes Server Error?

    I have also the same problem, my problem was for classes/cart.php I was install onepagecheckout module that change the taxes function on cart.php, now i re insert taxes function in cart.php from default cart.php and now works fine
  15. Product Page Error

    Just add the following line into config/config.inc.php file @ini_set('memory_limit','512M');