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  1. Thanks for the reply Groove. We are using the ' (apostrophe) and not " (quotes). Anyone else have any ideas? This is killing some of my product names.
  2. During development of a Prestashop installation we are running into an error when entering products. When we use an apostrophe in the name of a product, we are getting errors when trying to save it and it adds a forward slash before the apostrophe which then displays on the front end of the site. This is unacceptable for our final release of the site. Is there a fix or work-around for this anyone knows about? Thanks in advanced!
  3. So does anybody know of a module like Prestabay without the steep $200 pricetag? That's a bit overpriced IMO....
  4. I'm sure this is easy to do and i just can't find it... I'm in the United States, and here we format our phone numbers like so: 602-345-6789 The first three digits are the area code, and the last 7 are the phones number. When in the front end of Prestashop during checkout and under My Account>>Addresses, whenever a phone number is displayed it is all strung together like this: 6023456789 Where do i need to go to put the dashes in between the numbers? Thanks in advanced!
  5. Hi there Matthieu, Thanks for the fast reply! However, there is no "Duplication" option where i can set permissions... Under Catalog, there is Manufacturers, Suppliers, Attributes and Groups, Features, & Image Mapping, and i have them all set to View, Add, and Edit. However, when I go and try to duplicate a product, it says i don't have permission.
  6. What permission do you have to grant in order to allow employees to duplicate products in 1.1? Thanks!
  7. Yeah, it sounds like there are some problems in the templates you are using. you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way, and find out in what browser things look hosed and what looks wrong, and then fix it in the template you are using. when you work with your site, you should always be checking it in multiple browsers like IE, Firefox, etc. so you are aware of what's going on... the last thing you want is customers informing you of display issues. remember, no two browsers display things the same way. sometimes you have to find happy mediums. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the fast reply! That was exactly what I was looking for... Cheers!!!
  9. Does anyone know how to control the shop time? When an order is placed, it says the date is 23 hours ahead of what the time really is... There has to be a way to offset GMT. Orders are being placed in the future on my site!!! Any ideas?
  10. My main man Rocky, YOU FRIGGIN ROCK!!! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing that sweet little nugget of knowledge with me. You just made my weekend!!! :cheese:
  11. Does anyone know how I would go about adding a way to sort products by popularity like the best sellers module displays. The best sellers module displays the most popular selling item at the top of the list, and then goes down. It seems silly that you click on best sellers, and then there is no way to actually sort all the products in this manner on the product list page... Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the reply Zigma... However, I have figured it out with the help of a buddy. It is a browser refresh issue... Oklok, make sure your browser is set to always get a current version of the page and that will fix it. in IE7, go into Internet Options, then click the settings button under "Browsing History" and check the radio button next to "Every time I visit the webpage" and click apply. Problem solved. :cheese:
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