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  1. even tried a fresh install on a new /location , and it didnt even work then. something wrong on my end or prestashops..
  2. Tried checking the "1.1" box, didn't make a difference as the theme was a new one anyway. any help?
  3. I'm on 1.2.4, not looking to upgrade to 1.2.5 just yet will probably wait until 1.3. However, I can't seem to get themes to work. I installed "Brun" no problem, but when I tried to install "Moon" and a few other ones from DG, when I load them they don't display at all. The website shows up as if it has no .css file, no images or style from theme, just text and products all the way to the left. Any help? I upload them right to the themes directory through FTP.
  4. OK, got to the admin screen. I was using a edited theme before, but even after switching to the default one from the new version, still blank. Any help at all?
  5. Tried updating from to the latest version. Wiped the directory (/), uploaded the new version and copied over the files from the old one (/mails, /modules, /themes, /img, and settings.inc.php). Navigated to /install and it recognized the old Went through upgrade flawlessly, but the site is completely blank. I had another shop installed at /wholesale (seperate installation all together), that now shows up as a directory listing instead of the site. I backed up the whole "public_html" folder to my desktop beforehand, and I have MySQL backups for both (I only tried to upgrade the site at "/" for now, not "/wholesale"), but I don't think anything got overwritten during the upgrade of "/". Site is totally blank, need some help. Used Cyberduck so all files should have gotten copied, thanks for the help.
  6. When the order is processed, the state does not go on the address that somes through on the order/admin side. Then this is a scary one! On all the orders that have been placed so far, there are additional items that sow up and have not been ordered and the totals are messed up. example. The customer will place an order then an additional item will show up on their items list and will be in the product total, but not included in the actual total that gets charged to them. Also, it shows up at retail price and not wholesale. I have heard this from all the orders so far, and discovered it on the other two I did not hear from. They all say they did not order that item. Also, it doesn't let me delete it from the order all the way.
  7. I searched and found this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/12753/installation_configuration___upgrade/install_problem But when I follow it, nothing changes. I checked out the employee sql fromthe retail original site and there are no passwords shown, as they say there are in the thread. I got the cookie key from the settings file in the new wholesale site, but do I put it for both employees? I tried just me for now and it didn't work, with or without the password as part of the cookie string.
  8. It worked great, but now I can't log into the admin area. All I did was copy the retail site's SQL into the wholesale site's SQL, and all the products and everything else (cms, settings, etc.) copied over. But I can't log in... I get: " There is 1 error 1. employee does not exist, or bad password " But its the same password and login as the retail admin, which works fine.. any help?
  9. Thanks, I'll try that with the reinstall if I can't get it to work without doing that. On that note, could I just drop all tables from the wholesale site's current database and load the ones from the retail site into that, or do I still need to do a reinstall for it to be read and installed correctly?
  10. It is installed, but I wouldn't be against reinstalling it if I could save all the trouble. When you say into a new account do you mean just duplicate my database through mysql or through prestashop itself, or just use a different database (the backup) when installing and choosing database path. Sorry if that made no sense.
  11. Posted this awhile ago, couldn't really get it resolved. I have a working shop that is great (on Prestashop), www.spoonysglasspipes.com. I have a wholesale site as well that I am working on, and I want to copy the entire catalog into the new wholesale site (then just change the prices in the admin area). I tried copying the sql tables through mysql and the product categories copied over, but not the products at all. Any help?
  12. i definitley think an "export" products button in admin would make this much easier, especially considering saving product tables from mysql to .csv don't do it in the right format, and copying through sql format doesn't seem to copy them into the store.. unless i did something wrong, which i probably did....
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