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  1. Hello, I have problem with prestashop 1.3.3 - parts of already translated strings is resetting when i push update translation button. Please help
  2. Hello, Is there ane online translation tool for prestashop transaltors, for example to continue translate languages on prestashop download page? (exept admin translation tool)
  3. Because, when i export products from my shop to csv file, all prices looks like: xxx.000000
  4. The store uses the default currency - RUR, the menu Payments - Currencies - RUR, i trying to change the properties of the currency the "current rate" from 1.000000 to 1, but it does not work. Please tell how to change it?
  5. Please tell, how to deal with the doubts of the integrity of files prestashop on web server? Can I take over and simply extract the archive with the identical version, downloaded from the official site, to be sure in integrity of prestashop files on server?
  6. Hi Tell me please how to disable the sorting categories of products in alphabetical order, in frontoffice and manualy specify the desired order?
  7. The new prestashop web-store was set at mysite.com/new Please tell me how can i then change the address of the shop to mysite.com? This must be done in the settings of the prestashop control panel, or somwhere the configuration files?
  8. Hi! Please, tell - how set free shipping (by total price) only for selected categories or products, not for all categories/products?
  9. So, any variants to remove aproved comment, not removing product itself?
  10. Thank you, rocky, but i mean not links - i mean self structure of categories and materials in CMS block. So - add categories - no any way from admin panel?
  11. Hello, Tell me please how to remove the existing comment to the product after it has been approved and posted in the comments of goods?
  12. Hello Please tell us as to whether the module "CMS" to create categories and sub categories? For example: category1 text1 text2 category2 text3 category3
  13. Hello Please tell me how to place currency symbol to the right of the value of the product?
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