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  1. i would be interested in this as well, i would like to skip the carrier step ( i want to set a default one ) and the payement selection as well ( want to set a default one ) , after the customer accepts the terms i would like to have the confirm order button, because we have to call every customer about the orders, and they have to tell us on phone how they want to get the products. thank yous for the help in advance, if i find any method i post it here
  2. oare aceasta metoda functioneaza si in prestashop 1.5?
  3. hy, you should try to add this line to your product.tpl, and product-list.tpl , where ever you want it for me it worked <p id="wholesale_price"> <label for="wholesale_price">{l s='Wholesale price:'} </label> <span class="editable">{$product->wholesale_price} {$wholesale_price}</span></p>
  4. could you tell us please how you fixed the problem? i have the same issue when want to add a new adress ( already logged in ) it says: incorect this country require a state selection The select menu from the states is there but just a `-` appears, and i can`t select the state. could anyone help me plz?
  5. ai gasit solutia kynder? incearca in module unde este modulul cu comments.
  6. hello there! I was trying to download the sample file but i can`t Where could i find it? Kind regards, and thx
  7. Hello! prestashop 1.3.2 I had the same problem with the logout. edit index.php from root, and this inside the comas ''<?php'' -has to be in the first line! no enter before it! like Hon wrote it! thx Hon!
  8. with this solution you just save the default group. Nothing else.... do you know any solution for that the customer can choose another group from the default group at the registration ????
  9. I`ve added the extra line in the authentication.tpl ( a check box ) that the customer can check if she/he is a technician or not... made an extra column in the databese... but now i am stuck... donno what to do to make it work how you were writing above. anyone? some help??? Thx
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