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  1. Hello everyone, I have started development on my prestashop which was setup on my server.. i wanted to import all the product available from my old store to the new one... But when i do product import through csv ..after few minutes of processing it..it shows 500 internal server error. I have no idea why it is showing this error..on the top of that..somehow it was able to import all the category..when i was testing the import. Then when i tried to delete those category they weren't even deleting..so i have to manually delete those category from database. I thought i should enter some product manually..but to the surprise the product page from the dashboard is not opening as well. Can someone please shade some light as to why prestashop import is not working..along with what happen to my product page. And one more thing does anyone know why category images have white space on top and bottom when i upload them. Below is my prestashop url _>http://vowelserver.com/nordicmaling/index.php If anyone out there brave enough to understand my problem...please reply Thank you sir/ma'am
  2. I am having problem with module installation. Whenever i try to install a new module by clicking on the 'Add a new module' button...nothing happens..page reloads but no upload box asking for file upload comes. I thought the problem could be with my version of the prestashop i.e so i donwload '1-Click Upgrade' and try to upload it manually on the module folder..( as 'Add a new module' is not working ) Module list is not updating with new module name. I have cleared filter and read forums and docs for it but still haven't found any solutions. I have attached screenshot of module page of backoffice( prestashop dashboard) which help you understand my problem. I am myself a developer..but i couldn't get through this..can you guys please provide a proper solution for it. prestashop.zip
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