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  1. Oops fixed it. This was a problem because serialScroll.js was not defined in product.tpl. I have my modules in product container. Hope this helps others.
  2. I get "Object doesn't support this property or method", for following lines $('#thumbs_list').serialScroll( $('#productscategory_list').serialScroll({ I replaces serialScroll.js file from my working website but it still does not work. Please help.
  3. Hi all, I have two websites and productscategory module works perfectly fine on one website but doesn't work on the other. Left and right scrolling does not work. I copied and pasted over the productscategory module from the working website. Scrolling still does not work. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? Thanks!
  4. Oops never mind, fixed on my own. Easy fix but didn't see it. Just in case you need info, all you have to do is $product->location = strval($info['location']);
  5. Hi I want to add a field, $location when I import product data using csv file. I added this field to AdminImport.php on $this->available_fields = array(...............'location'=>$this->l('Location') ..........) 'location'=>array('AdminImport','createMultiLangField'), $id_product_attribute = $product->addProductAttribute(floatval($info['price']), floatval($info['weight']), floatval($info['ecotax']), intval($info['quantity']), null, strval($info['reference']), strval($info['supplier_reference']), strval($info['ean13']), intval($info['default_on']),strval($info['location'])); I changed addProductAttribute from product.php to public function addProductAttribute($price, $weight, $ecotax, $quantity, $id_images, $reference, $supplier_reference, $ean13, $default, $location) I see $location field when I import csv and the product successfully gets uploaded except that $location field is not working when I view the product at the shop. Can anyone help me with adding $location field to product data import?
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