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  1. Need Help After upgrade i see this problem (see image) Actual Version All the old stores i put they lost the ID and i can't modify or erase/delete But i can insert a new one with out problem see image ID 5 I ask for help how i can delete the previus (i try to select and delate) but is not working ty so much for your help
  2. Aiuto Dopo un aggiornamento ho notato di avere questo problema (vedi immagine). Versione attuale: Your current PrestaShop version: I vecchi negozi inseriti non hanno più ID e non posso eliminarli ne editarli. Mentre se aggiungo uno nuovo tutto funziona perfettamente vedi ID5 da immagine. Vi chiedo gentilmente di indicarmi le indicazioni su come eliminare questi indirizzi dove non ho più ID / nome / indirizzo Ringraziandovi anticipatamente per il supporto
  3. Hi Lisa, No category are ok i need only to hide the sub category but only from top menu in the home page.
  4. ty ok og:description shop created by Prestasho i need to change this description Best
  5. Hi prestashop user, How to remove "this shop is created by Prestashop" if i share my link I need to share my web link, but always i see this line: This shop was created by prestashop Need help to remove the line. Best Indice Prestashop Version 1.7
  6. need to hide subcategory on the home page horiz. menu. but ony on the home menu, i like the subcategor in the product page. please help
  7. Dear Andrej ty so much (SOLVED) Best
  8. Here what i realy need. i need that Menu not displaying subcategories and category only, i like a menu simple like img 1 on attach. Best Michel
  9. Hello need some help about home menu - Default Theme Prestashop 1.7 Now i have the Menu like img "Menu_1.jpg" If i go with the mouse on this option, the system show/display me the category of each option img "menu_2.jpg" My request is: I like at front page only the option, i need a menu without the category show ? only the option like img "Menu_1.jpg" is this possible? But for sure i need this category show/display on the product page on left side like image img "Menu_3.jpg" Sorry for my english Kind regards indice68
  10. Need Help, i change all on the option but i have always old title not the new i assign. Prestashop 1.7 CMS PAges bottom page
  11. Dear members, need your help. I try to change the title on CMS Page (bottom option) on default theme. I do the change i save the change "new Title or rename title", but title is always the old, the system don't change in my new tittle on shop page, also if i create a new cms page i can't see it. ty
  12. ty for info and answer i will try, but -> Yet another example of how lazy PS 1.7 was developed. They just reused the old slider images from 1.6, regardless if they fit or not into the new layout. the real height is 314px height right? Best Michel
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