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  1. what if my ps is is there any way to do that like on sale badge/icon has?
  2. ditunggu versi kompatibel ps 1.4.7 nya
  3. never mind. my problem solved just by optimizing database table after hours work
  4. sudah coba kontak support pembuat themesnya? kl soal tampilan biasanya berkaitan dengan CSS dr themes itu sendiri
  5. same problem here. all folder already set 755, files 644. problem persist. any clue?
  6. created new hook for this slideshow plugin on ps 1.4 but the java dont work. it shows the one image only on front, whole images on html, but the slideshows not running. it works normally on other hooks can you help? thanks
  7. the only solutions to use this module in ps 1.4 is upgrading the smarty
  8. sudah. permission 755 utk folder dan image. tetep ga bisa.
  9. Halao, Kenapa ya, baru kali ini kejadian. Saya tidak bisa menghapus item-item product. Ada yang pernah ngalamin? Mungkin sudah solved? Sudah searching di forum gak nemu euy
  10. i have same problem like this here. nowhere in BO i can see product images like at one section as seen on my attached ss
  11. sundul! ada yg pernah ngalamin hal yg sama dan solved?
  12. this View All should be default feature for PS I suggest
  13. Problem gambar di backoffice (catalog): - gambar tidak muncul - url lokasi gambar jadi domain.com/administrasi/_PS_TMP_IMG_product_mini_15.jpg udah kotak katik chmod dll sampe regenerate images jg tetep begitu. silahkan liat attachment untuk screenshotnya. ada yg bisa bantu? Thx sebelumnya...
  14. a little tweak by adding new line on pagination.tpl , and it works: {l s='View All'} » after: {l s='Next'} »
  15. what if we want to put View All next to pagination like on attached file on first post in this thread?
  16. followed this step but error still happened. Im using PrestaShop™ anyone? Thanks
  17. enter Currency tab under Payment in backoffice, then edit your currency. You will find formatting option inside there including decimal option .etc :snake:
  18. Halo, saya punya problem. Ketika transsaksi selesai dan payment diterima, notifikasi bahwa pembayaran sudah diterima terkirim dua kali: 1. sesaat setelah pembayaran diterima, 2. 2-3 hari setelah pembayaran diterima dengan isi sama persis dg yang pertama ini kira2 troubleshootnya gimana ya? thanks before guys
  19. unable to install in PrestaShop™
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