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  1. Hello, I am using PS and have notice something interesting. Idea of breadcrumb is to show you how you reach your current location on a website. Unfortunately - in PS it is displayed as a location of a product in categories. For example: 1. home\category1\category2\product_name - this is how it is at the moment, no matter how you reach the product 2. home\product_name - this is how it should be, if you put your product on the index page 3. home\manufacturer_name\product_name - this is how it should be, if you reach the product from manufactutere's page 4. home\landing_page\product_name - this is how it should be, if you have the product on a landing page and you reach it from there. Do you have any idea, how this could be fixed? Thank you in advance. Regards Hristo
  2. Hello to everybody. You have no idea how simple is the solution. Problem is with NGINX and multilanguage. I suggest all of you to go to this theme and say one big THANKS to the guy, who solve it:
  3. SIOMOSP - I really don't know how to say - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Now is 2.30 am and your solution solved me 6 moths efforts. Once again - GOD BLESS YOU and wish you all the best ­čÖé
  4. Have abosultely same product since P.S. 1.7.4 Hope that it will be solved in 1.7.5 - were not. Then upgrage to - problem is still there
  5. Hello, I need your help and really hope, that someone already face with this problem. I want to do put in my menu some link, like: 1. Products with discount of 10% /or any other/ 2. Products with any discount 3. Recently added products - for example for last 30 days. I know there is a module, that display a product as a new for certain period, but how to sort them and display. I am using P.S. 1.7.2 Could you please tell me how to get such links or filter in order to include as a button in my horizontal menu? Thank you in advance for prompt reply. Regards Hristo
  6. Hello, Could you please help me to rename Breadcrumbs in P.S. 1.7 from HOME>category1>category2>product to SHOP>category1>category2>product? Thank you in advance for your prompt support. Regards
  7. No, I did found add-on for this also.
  8. Hello, Does anybody know how can combine several product's attributes /features/ in a group. Idea is that different products have different parameters, for example: TV - screen size, screen type, resolution etc. Microwaves - with or without grill, volume etc. So, when you have lot of products and hundreds of attributes, it will be more easy to group them and when for example you are adding new TV to choose only from TV's attributes. Does anybody have idea how can I solve this? Regards
  9. Hello, At the moment I am using PrestaCenter XML Export Free module. This module has some missing options like: - export of multiple images - export of combinations Looks that can not find free module that will solve this problems, so probably will have to buy some. Could you please recommend me module, because there are lot of modules in the web? Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.
  10. Hello, We have PS website, where some products are with attributes and some - without. When you click on the product without attributes - everything is OK. Example: http://www.guga.bg/en/push-and-pull-wooden-toys/7-rolling-snail.html Problem is with product, who has attributes. When you click on it, first /for a short moment/ there is red label - The product is no longer at stock. After that- when it checks attributes stock, everything is OK. My connection is fast and it is just a moment, but for client with slow internet speed - this can be couple of seconds and client will click on other product. Example: http://www.guga.bg/en/globber-scooters/80-scooter-my-free-5-in-1.html We also use custom script, where export from our ERP part number, stock and price and it goes directly in PS. We are also using good VPS with SSD and I doubt that this is server issue. Does anybody has idea how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance to anybody. Regards Hristo
  11. Hello, Does anybody know what is default image size for patterns attributes and how can change it. If can not change it - then I will edit my pictures. Problem is that my patterns are from 2 colors and in thumbnails - you can not see both colors. Here is an example with baby strollers: http://www.guga.bg/en/baby-pushchairs-2-in-1/314-baby-stroller2-in-1-baby-merc-leo.html#/234-color_baby_merc_strollers-black_white_l3 If I new default size - I will edit all the pictures in order to fit in this size and to show both colors. Of course - if it is easier to change thumbnails pattern size - I will do it. Thank you in advance for everybody's help.
  12. Thank you for this sentence. Don't know how and why, but in Filter Templates, it was random check which categories to have sub-categories filter and which not to have. Now everything is OK. Let me try to find it - how to mark the post with SOLVED
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