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  1. I have this problem too and I don"t know when it happened because it works properly but some days ago I find out the carrier is free and it does not add the cost.
  2. I can find a solution. In my shop it happens because I use multi store feature. If you use multi store choose all stores and then delete the image.
  3. The same problem. Is there any solution for that?
  4. I use Prestashop I set the Prestashop multistore but after setting up the multistore the subcategories disappear. a developer could restore them in database but it happens again when I change the name of store. It seems there is a bug in it and after any changing the subcategories disappear.
  5. Hi, I think there is a problem with the multistore and subcateories. I miss all of my subcategories after I change the name of store. it seems there is a bug in multistore.
  6. Hello, could you explain which table should edit? I have the same problem on Prestashop
  7. Thank you joseantgv. But I don"t have this option in product page. I see this option everywhere except products.
  8. Hi, I use Prestashop I set up multistore and after setting up my subcategories on back office disappeared but when I choose a product, I can access to them via breadcrumb. and alose I can"t see subcategories on megamenu. I checked the database also. I can see them in their tables. Could someone help me? I hope I could say exactly what is the problem.
  9. Hello, I interested to set up my shop in another language. I install new language and I can see front office without any problem in new language but my question is about products translation. I search about it but I couldn't"t find anything. How can I translate the existing products in new language?
  10. Helli, Is it possible to hook the module to cms pages? I really need a count down module which is possible to use in CMS pages for campaigns.
  11. Hi everybody, I am on Prestashop but I still have this problem.
  12. I had this problem and I write the solution in English for all. Based on the type of carrier (weight or price) there is two table in your database. ps_range_wight ps_range_price in most of the cases the range has conflict with each other. if the number of ranges are not so much you can control it but if it is so much it is better to delete oldest one and keep the newest. it will be solved.
  13. Hi, I use Prestashop and recently I change the theme and make it RTL. I made a mistake because my theme is RTL but I couldn"t restore the changes because my theme is LTR now. I restore my backup but it is still in LTR. How can I restore the changes and make the theme RTL like before it was?
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