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  1. Thank you , would never have thought of looking in their for it.
  2. Hi, I have revised my delivery dates on cms and in date of delivery module to 2-7 days but when you go to my store, on the item pages the add to cart block is showing delivery as 1-3 weeks. How do i up date this as i feel 3wks is to long and may put people off ordering. £30.00 Tax included Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks Quantity Add to wishlist
  3. Thank you for your help. The strange thing is logged in today and the warning has gone but thanks anyway.
  4. Since updating to the latest version i keep getting this message every time i log in on my dashboard You are currently connected under the following domain name www.stephaniejanestores.co.uk This is different from the domain name set in the "SEO & URLs" tab. If this is your main domain, please change it now. Checked the tab and all seems correct. Shop seems to be working ok but this message is annoying me now as it must mean something is wrong somewhere but cant work out what it is.
  5. Hi, Ive upgraded to the latest version of pre4sta shop and every thing with PayPal now seems to be working o.k.
  6. I have found my previous version of the PayPal module and have installed it. Now every thing seems to be working o.k. for now. It will do as a temporary fix until this problem is resolved by Prestshop.
  7. Clicking on the link in step3, to request for the api credentials
  8. Hi Kinderyum We have a fully verified Paypal buisness account
  9. Hi again, @Dh42 I have installed your module but every time i try to configure, I keep getting the message Error !You need to complete the PayPal identification Information in step 3 otherwise you won't be able to accept payment. I have gone through the whole process numerous times filling in all the API information but still keep getting the same error message.
  10. Hi DH42, Tried all the links you but can not find download. Set up an account and ordered product Invoice #472but still didn,t get module
  11. Tried installing as another country, but every time I save it comes up with the message Erreur !You need to complete the PayPal identification Information in step 3 otherwise you won't be able to accept payment. which i have done Still stuck with a shop with no payment gateway :angry:
  12. There must be a lot of others in this situation, wonder how they got around it .
  13. o.k. thanks guys, will have a go and see what works for me
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