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  1. Thank you, I'm gonna check that ! Also, I noticed on products pages, the description appears before the title. In which template can I find the <head> of the products pages ?
  2. In yellow : the shop title In red : the shop description I'd like to switch them.
  3. Hello, I'd like to know how to make the shop description appears before the shop name on the Google result's page, but only for the homepage. Is that possible ? How ? I looked in the Meta.php file, but haven't found a way yet. Thank you !
  4. Yes, it does work in the ajaxCart function, but not in the updateLayer function, which I need... unless I use a global variable, but I have been told that is not a good idea.
  5. Thank you. I tried it, but then, when I tried to call "idManufacturer" or "product.idManufacturer", the value is still "undefinied". Actually, I try to call it in the updateLayer function (about line 730, in ajax-cart.js).
  6. Greetings, I'd like to know how to get the products' manufacturer id in : - \themes\default-bootstrap\js\modules\ajax-cart.js Thank you !
  7. Ok, thank you. I see. Do you know which module is used on the Prestashop website, then ?
  8. Which one is it ? Is that the same as the one used on the Prestashop website ? Another questions for the ones who know : Does Advanced Search propose that feature too ? I got that module, but I didn't find a way to put a search in category with a dropdown menu.
  9. Greetings, I'd like to set a dropdown menu on my search bar, like this is the case in the following exemple : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/ How can I do this ? If a module is required, which one ? Thank you !
  10. Hi, My Prestashop has 100.000+ products, and I have trouble to export them. When I download the .csv file, it slows down when the dowload bar reach 20 Mb. Is there any solution ? And is it possible to run exportcsv with a shell command ?
  11. Greetings, I got some problems with the products features, when I import a .csv file. Instead of erasing the previous features and set the new ones, Prestashop keeps all of the old features, and also adds the new informations. This is an issue, since I don't want these old obsolete values any more. Is there a way to replace previous features by the new ones, instead of combine them ? Thank you !
  12. Hello, I don't have such a module. It's either native to PS 1.6, or either I coded it that way (but sadly I can't remember well, I am working on that shop for a long time)
  13. Grettings, I am using Prestashop 1.6, and I encounter a problem with the admin confirmation emails (MailAlerts) and the order confirmation emails sent to the users. If a customer buy products that use different carrier each, an email for each carrier will be sent. But I need my Prestashop to send only one email that groups the whole order. How can I do this ? Thank you in advance, and tell me if I am not clear enough, English is not my main language.
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