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  1. Hi,


    We are hosting a client's prestashop on a virtual machine, and last week it had a bad crash.

    To avoid too much downtime, we quickly moved the site to a new machine and imported the latest

    MySQL backups, from about 15 minutes before the crash. Worked fine since then, but now we'd

    like to import the missing data from those lost 15 minutes between the backup and the crash,

    I did repair the previous machines and have full access to the database.


    I'm thinking I'd have to compare the two databases somehow to extract what's different,

    since I'm guessing I'll have different orders with the same IDs. I'm no prestashop

    expert though, what tables should I expect to have relevant data ?

    Anyone having experiences doing this ? Any advices on tools to use ? I can probably even find

    a windows computer to run the tool if needed, I guess.


    There shouldn't have been any changes done by the administrators, and if there was it's probably

    okay to just ignore them (they had all week end to re-do the changes), but we'd really need the orders.


    Thanks !

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