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  1. Thank you, the first link seems what I was looking for. I want to clarify that before asking here I chatted with the customer service of prestashop and they told me that there was nothing like this.
  2. I can but I have around 20.000 products so do it manually will be impossible. The correct way will be to tell prestashop to do width (meters) x height (meters) x depth (meters) x 200 and if this exceeds the weight use this one as value
  3. Can you explain? If you mean to change the attributes of my products I have already set the dimensions for everyone I'm based in UK and I don't use fedex. I use UPS, TNT, SEUR, DACHSER or DHL depending on the country of delivery and the weight
  4. Hello, I have a probleme in setting up the shipping cost in my store. This because with prestashop you can only choose different prices based on the weight of the product but I have product that are not really heavy but are big, so I'm going to pay more for the shipping cost. Example: I have a chair that is 15KG but I pay the shipping cost for 65KG because of the dimension. The price from most of the couriers are calculetad like this: Weight = width (meters) x height (meters) x depth (meters) x 200. If this exceeds the real weight is the one that applies. There is some module or some other way to do this? thank you
  5. Really? because I have the same rate from more than one month ago
  6. When I click on it seems work normally like others crontask... but no changes at the currencies rate were made
  7. The link in the prestashop/localization/currencies for update the rate of currencies seems work when click on it but after that the rate does not change. Anyone have same issue? how can I fix it?
  8. This is the files that I have modified previously, so I don't have changed nothing in pdf/invoice-payment-tab.tpl
  9. I have the backup of every files, but if I replace it I'm at the starting point again. With your method we are telling prestashop to multiplicate the price value for the eur/gpb exchange rate (that is 0.837600 at the moment). The problem is that also the payement that I receive in pounds now are multiplicated, so I get wrong value. Is there a way for tell prestashop to multiplicate only the eur value for the exchange rate?
  10. There is another problem now, with your method also the payment that I receive in £ are recalculated. So for example also a payment of 20£ now appear on the invoice as 16.80£ Any suggestion?
  11. Thank you for your help In order I have made changes at this 3 files: invoice.total-tab.tpl invoice.product-tab.tpl invoice.tax-tab.tpl situated in pdf folder. I had *$order->conversion_rate in some lines also I had override/classes/pdf/HTMLTemplateInvoice.php and then cleared the cache it works! thanks again for your help
  12. Indeed, if someone knows how to do it is welcome
  13. Thank you for your help, but this just change the symbol. For example: € 30.00 in the invoice will be £ 30.00
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