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  1. Hi Guys, Have you ever thought If I could display any product on homepage. If yes then... This module is for you. What it does. 1. It displays products of your choice. 2. Jcarousel (javascript) written by me. 3. It can show static products too. like old fashion. you can see in the previous module. (http://www.marghoobsuleman.com/prestashop-modules/prestashop-jcarousel-module) 4. You can customize this with your own look and feel. And could you please suggest a price for it? I am attaching screen shot for the reference. view and example - top slider http://www.marghoobsuleman.com/prestashop/ Regards, Marghoob Suleman
  2. Well... First of all good luck for that... I would suggest you to make a copy of your theme/prestashop folder. and change whatever you want in your new one(newly copied folder). So you have copy of original one. take backup whenever you want Prestashop is based on smarty template engine. That is the best template engine... i guess... you can find more about smarty at http://www.smarty.net/ only two steps. 1. Set smarty array in php 2. fetch in tpl or you can say make layout with smarty array. All the best. Regards, MS
  3. hellllllo... What to say... The title is saying it all. * Login and register panel ... both are ajax based. Find more modules at my site. http://www.marghoobsuleman.com Requirement: V2.5 and above Regards, Marghoob Suleman -------- module updated on 5th June 2010. PS: forgive me for the translation if there is any mistake. I've used google translation . blockloginregister.zip
  4. ha ha... its totally depend on your requirement. When we need is best for us. So search on and compile.
  5. hi Shaun, I got ur PM too. But i dont think your issue is related to friendly url. Can you try your checkout process without friendly url. If problem persist we can check whatz going on.
  6. come on guys? Prestashop... I need your help... My shop is in "shop" folder and my blogs in root "/". I did some ajax implementation but i don't like that. I always have to make a call from "shop/login.php" (where i am accessing cookie and returning to root.) but i know this is not a good solution. I am asking this last time. Thanks
  7. too quite here? Can you hear the echo? anyone?
  8. hi there... Requesting prestashop community member to answer this question. I am able to access in same folder but not outside.
  9. hey thanks... yes i did the same... but how can i get the _name, isLogged() etc...
  10. Hi Guys, I love the prestashop secured cookie. Its really amazing. But i've some problem I am trying to access cookie from outside. Let say I've two sections in my site. One is for blog and one is shop. Blog is on root directory and my shop is in a folder called "shopping". Well... I've managed to access cookie object on root folder too but my problem is i am unable to decode. Its secured. I want to access _name etc. I am posting a cookie sample here (its too long and this is just a peace). Cookie Object ( [_content:private] => Array ( [date_add] => 2010-02-06 12:28:14 [id_lang] => 1 [id_currency] => 1 ) [_name:private] => b574245027cddb3817b7ed50174fa822 [_expire:private] => 1267183694 [_domain:private] => my.myprojects.com [_path:private] => /outsource/personal/rnd/www/ [_bf:private] => Blowfish Object
  11. I need to check your categories block. make some more categories.
  12. May i know... why do you require that; when subcategories is already created in first run.
  13. This can be done with the help of CSS. Try to play with your CSS.
  14. seems not possible but you can do with the help of javascript. You need to maintain category id in javascript and need to maintain same image sequence for all products. ie. If you are uploading 6 images for a product and 3rd image is a default product for ladies. You can think this way. your script should be like this in product page: if(categoryid == 2) { //2 is your Women wear //show 3rd image by default }
  15. Hi Guys, How are you doing... i don't know if you remember me... Well... I am looking for a module that includes login and registration panel. If not... I'll have to make one... i need it... any help would be great! I've included a screen-shot for the reference. Regards, MS
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