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  1. Hi everyone, The GDPR is in place nowadays. 1 of the factors I have taken into account is to make personal data anonymous from accounts which are older than 3 year. I work with Prestashop (I know, an old version). Now I would like to automate this process (making accounts anonymous that no longer have placed an order during the last 3 years). Can I simply create a script that adjusts the data directly in the Prestashop database? Changes would mainly concern the following matters: _address table (lastname, firstname, company,...) _customer table (lastname, firstname, email) _customer_thread (email) _mail (recipient) Can I simply change (anonymize) the above fields in the corresponding tables without corrupting the database or changing any behaviour of Prestashop itself? Finally: can I also set the "active" and "deleted" fields to 0 and 1 respectively in the table _customer? Or does the latter cause problems or corruption? Thanks in advance. - Kevin
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    Hey allen, De GDPR is ondertussen een feit. 1 van de factoren die ik in acht heb genomen, is om persoonsgegevens ouder dan 3j te verwijderen (of beter gezegd: anoniem te maken). Ik werk met Prestashop (ik weet het, een oude versie). Nu zou ik dit proces (anoniem maken van accounts die 3j geen bestelling meer hebben geplaatst) in de toekomst graag willen automatiseren. Kan ik simpelweg een script maken dat de gegevens in de prestashop database aanpast? Het zou dan vooral gaan om volgende zaken: _address tabel (lastname, firstname, company,...) _customer tabel (lastname, firstname, email) _customer_thread (email) _mail (recipient) Kan ik bovenstaande velden simpelweg wijzigen, zonder dat de Prestashop zelf corrupt geraakt? Tot slot: kan ik ook in de table _customer het veld "active" en "deleted" manueel respectievelijk op 0 en 1 zetten? Of zorgt dit laatste voor eventuele problemen? Alvast bedankt. - Kevin
  3. Hi Ndiaga, Thanks for the fast reply! I'm not that experienced with Prestashop. Do I need to create the new customer in the .tpl file with Smarty? Do you got an example or reference page? Thanks. Best regards, Kevin.
  4. Hi all, I am using Prestashop At the end of the checkout page (after the payment by bankwire), the customer receives a thank message. On this page, I want to be able to show the postal code from the customer (entered during the checkout procedure). What I did was opening the shop/modules/bankwire/views/templates/hook/payment_return.tpl and put the {debug} tags in it to search for the variable. However, I see that there is no variable at all with the postal code at this page. The only relevant item I see is the variable "$customerName". Is there a way to make sure that I can get/echo the postal code (entered previously on the checkout form) from the customer on the payment_return.tpl page? Thanks. Best regards, Kevin.
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