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  1. true, but, i have the default reference (product code) on the product page, every color has a new reference which shows up only after you added the product in the cart and the view the cart summary, when you chose a color i need the new reference (product code) to be displayed like the picture does on the product page.
  2. Hi, How can i set the reference to show up on product page when you select a new color. After the product is added to the cart the new reference is indeed in the cart values, but not on the page. I did some testing with the JavaScript code but no results. Thx.
  3. First make shure that your page in IE8 is 100% normal zoom, second IE8 is still not stable. Make a new .css global IE or you can make a .css for each IE version that will cause you problems, modify the code as you need. Insert this code in the header.tpl after you create the new .css file in the CSS folder, and use the same name or whatever. <!--[if lte IE ]> <link href="{$css_dir}globalie.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" />
  4. What exactly did you change in php-speedy to make it work with presta ?
  5. First you need to create the DataBase in PhpMyAdmin -> db_name -> then you select this DataBase from PhpMyAdmin and import tool -> now you can select the DB that you want to import or update or replace.
  6. Hello, In need a solution for this, i need to see the wholesale_price when i search a product in BO. I found the fields but the wholesale_price is 0 or nothing to show. /*for the price '.Tools::displayPrice($product['price'], $currency).' /* for the wholesale_price '.Tools::displayPrice($product['wholesale_price'], $wholesale_price).' If anyone have a solution... thanks in advance.
  7. Why not add the Warranty fields to the invoice? In most cases/country’s the invoice = warranty certificate. Because i need the warranty paper to look different (with different fields and design), the only common filed is the product and the reference. On the back of the warranty paper will be printed a map with the location of the service and other things.
  8. I need to generate two pdf files : 1. for the Invoice and 2. for the warranty of the products. I will use the same original file but i will replace the price fields with the warranty fields. The problem is that it seems that the store does not support more than 1 pdf generated. If someone have suggestions ... please help i need this feature.
  9. Backoffice -> Modules -> Categories block -> Config -> Dynamic off
  10. You have to use PhpMyadmin to export the DB from your first site - zipped or gzipped - choose your option from there if you like to insert, update or replace the data into the new one. read this read this The problems will begin when you try to login into backoffice - a cookie problem i think. The img with your products are located in presta/img/p but you can replace the entire folder into the new site.
  11. In bigger shop's inserting products like 2000(or less) with no sorting options has no logic ; the 3-5 click access will be 30 or more until the client finds the right product. This will make the client to leave and find another shop with a better logic in finding products. The ps_feature table can be use for this (i think). We can set for each product a specific attribute and call it in the product-list page and from here we can sort the products by attributes with javaScript or something else. Why is so complicate to have a simple option like this ? We can have some suggestions in this thing from Presta Team (a few code lines) ?
  12. Hi, I have a strange problem from yesterday, it only appears in Google Chrome, the category menu is not always show, sometimes is blank with no category in it, if I press refresh button the category "maybe" will appear. I did replace the module completely and the .tpl files from Themes folder and no result. If anyone have any suggestions in what is causing this. Solution - Google Chrome -> Clear Browsing Data (all data ) update* - the category menu is still doing the same thing, now even worst.. clear the browsing data will not fix this bug. If i select Dynamic display -off- the menu will appear ok on every page... if anyone have a solution please Help.
  13. Go to Presta root folder > classes > PDF.php > search for -> * Invoice footer * you can modify the Cell dimension and Ln or you cand add new Cells and Ln / make a backup of the script first.
  14. Salut. Editeaza index.php din admin folder respecta sintaxa php pentru a nu genera erori.
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