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  1. If you had read the documentation of the module before posting , you should have seen that the module overrides functionnalities of the module sendtoafriend in order to add a captcha on it. And that this override have to be done manually. So please avoid to tell nosense things if you do not understand how it works...
  2. Hello, In order to work with prestashop 1.7 you have to install the module contactform before. Have you do this, do you use a custom theme ? Regards,
  3. Hi, As told in my previous messages, you have to download the release zip from this page : https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha/releases Or to run "composer install" inside the module directory. Your error is related to that, as the composer autoload file cannot be found. Regards, Hervé
  4. Hello, In order to display the error , could you please enable the dev mode and tell me the error message. Regards,
  5. Hello, Due to github zip method creation , the module cannot be installed through admin page. The best way to install it is to download the latest release from this page : https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha/releases And to send the module with ftp. Regards, Hervé
  6. Hello, A new beta version is available for prestashop 1.7 You can find additionnal information on the github page : https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha/tree/17 For now the best solution to get the module is with current ssh commands into your prestashop module directory : git clone https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha.git -b 17 cd eicaptcha composer install Otherwise you can download the archive : here Regards, Hervé
  7. Hello, I've mad new improvments on the console tool : V 0.6.0 : New command to add index.php files in directories V 0.7.0 : New command for mass configuration object changes V 0.7.1 : Now works with prestashop 1.7 V 0.7.2 : New Command to download Class Names for autocomplete Let me know if it's usefull :-)
  8. Hello, I will see if i find some times in the next weeks to do this ;-) Regards,
  9. Hello, A new version 0.5.0 is available. Its add the possibility to create admin user and to change admin password from the command line :-) Regards, Hervé
  10. Hello, Do you have any errors when submitting the form ? Which prestashop version are you using ? Regards,
  11. Hello, This module is not yet compatible with prestashop 1.7 It should be done in the next weeks. Regards,
  12. Bonjour, Merci d'avoir reporté cette erreur. La dernière version du module sur github comportait une erreur lors de l'appel du fichier js. Je viens de mettre en place un correctif. Cordialement, Hervé
  13. Hello, New version 0.3.0 released today add a great new functionnality You can now directly install the prestashop version of your choice directly from the commande line. The download of the archive and the installation of prestashop are fully managed from the commande line :-) php console.php install:install [--psVersion=] [--domainName=] [--dbname=] [--dbuser=] [--dbpassword=][--contactEmail=] [--adminpassword=] [--directory=] Please let me know if it's usefull or if you want more functionnalities, Regards, Hervé
  14. Bonjour, Essayez de désactiver la minification js pour tester. Je ne vois aucun code js en rapport avec le captcha sur votre page d'inscription. Cordialement,
  15. Bonjour, Merci pour vos détails. Normalement tout devrait fonctionner correctement avec votre configuration qui est relativement standard ( c'est le cas sur ma version de test) En revanche votre site doit avoir un filtrage par ip car je ne peux pas y accéder. ( Erreur 403)
  16. Bonjour, Votre lien ne fonctionne pas et renvoie une erreur 403. Quelle est votre version de prestashop ? Utilisez-vous le thème par défaut ? Cordialement, Hervé
  17. Hello, Thanks for your feedbacks The new version 0.2.0 released today is now simpler You just have to download a single phar file in order to run the console. No more git or composer required, the console can be run easily on shared hostings. https://github.com/nenes25/prestashop_console Regards, Hervé
  18. Hello, With the last version you don't need to add this code in the template. Do you use a custom theme ?, if the id of the submit buttons for the forms are changed the javascript verification will not work. Regards, Hervé
  19. Hello, Can you give me more informations : Which version of prestashop do you use ? With a specfic theme ? Regards, Hervé
  20. So you doesn't have the last version of the module. you can download it on github : https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha Regards, Hervé
  21. Hello, You simply have to choose the option "dark" in the module configuration in the back office. Regards, Hervé
  22. Hello, Do you have a specific theme ? It's working well on the default one as you can check on my test version : http://web.h-hennes.fr/prestashop/prestashop_1-6-0-9/index.php?controller=contact&id_lang=1 Regards, Hervé
  23. Hello, It should be possible but unfortunately it's out of the scope of my module and I've not enough time for now to add this functionnality to it. You could try to override to AdminLogginController in order to check the captcha : https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/blob/1.6.1.x/controllers/admin/AdminLoginController.php Regards, Hervé
  24. Hello, I've never had such a bug with this module. Can you give me more details ? ( Ps version,browser ? ) Regards, Hervé
  25. Hello, With firefox i'm still unable to reproduce. As you can see in the folowing screenshot. On an ipad unfortunately i can't check. Regards, Hervé
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