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  1. Olá Amigos, Existe algum lugar onde consigo alguém que desenvolva e atualize uma loja de prestashop? Se possível na região de Itu. Não queria empresa porque cobram caro e não dão atenção. Se possível que saiba manipular fotos e fazer otimização para busca do google. Não precisa ter empresa ou ser profissional com nota fiscal. Conhecem alguém? Obrigado Eduardo
  2. Hi dears. Could you help me? I intend to include an image in footer. My idea is to avoid to include the telephone number and the e-mail there, but an image with these information. How could I do that? Is there a module that can be used for this or I will have to modify some files? Thank you !!!
  3. Dear Antoine, You can close this thread since the supplier didn´t replied me about my suggestion. Refund was done and I am already testing a new module that seems to work fine. Thank you very much for your fair moderation in this case. This is a great forum.
  4. Dear Antoine, Refund was done after my post yesterday. The supplier requested me to exclude this post. I replied him. I told him that refund was not important, and my disappointment was not about the module, but the lack of support to solve it. I suggested him now to try it again, if he is interested. If we get it right, it could be good for everybody, for me because I need the module, for CleanDev because they can show that they have a good product, and for all the community that can face the same problem and then find here the solution. I will wait for their reply. Thanks.
  5. Dear Antoine, You don´t need to apologise for this. You really sent me a PM yesterday but I didn´t read it before posting my message. Sorry me for that. Eduardo
  6. I posted this topic: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/519402-solved-product-information-module-from-cleandev-doesn%C2%B4t-send-email/ But now I saw that it was closed as "SOLVED". It is not true. The problem was not solved and I didn´t receive any refund. And I don´t have any problem with the server. Module had problem confirmed by seller. Why this topic was closed? I can not accept this. What is happening?
  7. Hi Nick Thank you very much for your recomendation.
  8. I am sorry, but I don´t agree with you. I respect your point of view, and as a moderator you can do what you want. But, sometimes it is important to be hard to get the necessary attention, and it was exactly what i did. Pleas note that since I post that message the supplier decided to speak about the problem. We are in a big community where people help people without gain nothing with this. When someone decide to get money sending soluitions, they have at least to give assistance for their clients. I can feel that in this case the supplier got a special treatment from the team of this forum, probably because the familiarity that the owner of this company has with this team. I have two forums and in my forums I don´t practice this kinf of censure. But, as I told before, I will respect this decision. I posted the e-mails here to show the truth, because it was being distorted. I am very dispointed with this supplier, and I can´t recomend it for anyone. He didn´t try so understand and solve the problem. His concern was about to defend his product, just that. Even when he sent me the first defective module he never explained the reason of the problem or apoligized for that. Sorry me, but I have a different poit of view about business. If we pay for something we have to receive quality, and the supplier must be attentive to meet the needs of the customer. I will find another module. The supplier don´t need to refund my money. I don´t want it anymore. Make the best possible use of my money. I commited a mistake and a will accept to pay for it. Regards
  9. Dear Shokinro I would like to test your module. How can we do it? PM? Thank you very much Eduardo
  10. Great !!! Thank you for your solution. I will contact the server admin and inform you about it.
  11. And just for your information, I tried to send a message in the page that you informed here above (http://www.kromalux.com/para-pintar/731-k-40-kromalux.html), and it didn´t work...
  12. I am sorry, Fernand, but unfortunate behavior is to sell a product and let the client without assistance. You didn´t tell the whole truth. On 9th of the last week I purchase your module and paid it immediately. On the same day I received the confirmation of payment and the file to download. I tried to install the module several times without success. I thought that it was my fault and I believed that your module should work. After several attempts, I sent you an email informing the problem, and you just send me another file of the module without any explanation. After receiving the new module, I installed it successfully, but the module didn´t send the questions by e-mail. Again, I imagined that the fault was mine, and tried to make it work. After several attempts, I sent you a new e-mail, and just to remind you I wrote: Thank you very much. It was successfully installed, but it is not working. I configured the module, and tried to send a message. After clicking "Send", a box is oppened with a message: "Your message has been correctely sended. We will come back to you in fee time." But I don´t receive any e-mail. Client Contact (Customer service) is created. Email configuration in PS is OK, and when a send an email for testing I receive it accordingly. I still tried to change email configuration from PHP mail to my own SMTP without success. I checked my trash box of Microsoft Outlook and it was not there. What is wrong? Thank you very much. You replied me: Hello! Are you receive prestashop mail (Eg for account creation, order made, .....). We use the same way for prestashop mail seinding. Then I replied to you on 10: Hi, As I said, I send a test from the configuration email test and I received it. I use Prestashop in Catalog Mode. Is there a special configuration due to this mode? Thanks You didn´t replied me, then I asked again on 11: Hi dear, Please, any suggestion? Thanks. And again you repeated: Our module send mail trough same way of prestashop Couldn´t you imagine that I wanted to make the module work and not to know how it works. If I knew how it worked I would made it by myself, and I didn´t need to pay for it. After that I sent you more 3 e-mails (two yesterday and 1 today) and you did not answer any of them. For 4 days I have been trying to make this module work... sorry me... but you never really tried to help me... After I mention the problem in this forum you came here to defend your product, but again you didn´t tried to help me to find a solution. I just want this module working, just that... Is it so difficult to understand? Please, help me to make it work and I will change my opinion about your company. But for now I am very disappointed with your product and service. Sorry me for that. Regards Eduardo
  13. I will look for another solution. Module from Cleandev is a shit. They sold me one that didn´t install, and after this sent me another file. The new one was installed, but didn´t work. I tried to contact them, but replies take a long time and they don´t solve the problem, just informing that the product works. I asked for a refund of what I paid, then they didn´t reply me anymore. I am tired. I don´t recomment Cleandev. [Moderate Picture]
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