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  1. Hi! I upgraded in April 2010 to a new version. I believe it is v1.0 (from the files I viewed in my prestashop folder). I transported all of my product files over to the new upgrade and all appears to be working fine. I don't wish to upgrade now, due to lack of time and needing my site to stay stable for sales. However, when I try to add new attributes, the new attribute choices will not show in the drop down selection box in the front office. Everything looks fine in the back office. Whether I use the product combinations generator or add the attributes manually does not change this. Also, I've tried creating a new attribute group or just adding new attributes to an old existing group. Either way, the new attributes do not show up. Can anyone help with this issue? Thank you so much! MaryRenee
  2. I've checked in my SQL Database, and the only difference I can find in the new attributes I've added is: Attributes added using the old (pre-upgrade) prestashop sorted in ascending numerical order as in: 1 2 3 4 5 The attributes I've added using the new (v1.0) prestashop are sorted in descending numerical order in example: 272 271 270 269 268 Could this be the problem? Everything else in the tables seems to be the same. Does the upgraded prestashop sort attribute numbers differently causing them not to show due to the programming? Also, all of my older attributes were numbered below 5000. The new ones added a few days ago are upwards of 6000. Any help I could receive on this would be appreciated so much! I've done all I know to look at myself. Thanks MaryRenee'
  3. Hi! When I add new product attributes (new colors, in example), for an existing product or a new product, the new attributes will not show in the front office selection box list! Old attributes already set up are working correctly, even when applied to new products. Can anyone give advice why this may be happening since upgraded to v1.0 in April 2010? Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!
  4. When I refresh the page on the front office, one of my "new" colors, which is Baby Pink shows for a split second before changing to Ivory, one of the old colors. Apparently any new color variations I've added, aren't being allowed to show up on the front office. Any tips to fix this? I'm adding this product to my live store, and about to delete it, but I've spent some time setting it up! Please help if you know how to fix. Thank you! MaryRenee
  5. On continued testing, when I use "old" variations and attributes (old colors already set as attribute variations) they show on the front office. But new colors just created today will not show up in the drop down list? Very tricky. I need some help to know why new colors added will not show. Apparently, new attributes are not being recognized in the version 1.0 I've attached screen prints. I have 14 different colors in both color 1 and color 2, but only "old" colors that I set up before upgrading to v1.0 are showing in the dropdown list. Thanks, Mary I originally created 2 new attribute groups.doc
  6. I want to clarify - I upgraded in April 2010 to the new v1.0 I am using that version for my live store and haven't upgraded to any of the newer versions yet. Thanks!
  7. Hi! I've been using prestashop for a few years now, and updated to v1.0 in April of 2010. I haven't upgraded my live store yet. I used the product combinations generator today for nearly 200 variations in a product. This is the first time I've needed to use the generator or any variations since installing the new version in April '10. The variations show correctly in the back office, but there are no selection boxes on the product page in the front office. Can someone please let me know if this is easily fixed? I do not plan to upgrade to the newer version yet, due to being so busy with business at present. I truly appreciate any help Attached screen prints: No Drop Down Selection Boxes on Product page.doc No Drop Down Selection Boxes on Product page.doc
  8. Hi! I am using version 1.2.5 I upgraded about 3 weeks ago. MySql is 5.0 Thank you!
  9. This seems to be the same problem on my site. When I try to send to a friend on a product with a short name, in example the name - TEST PRODUCT I receive this message: An email has been sent successfully to and the email was received. But when I sent a message from a product with a longer name, in example - GROSGRAIN RIBBON SPINWHEEL HAIR BOW There is 1 error : 01. An error occurred during the process. I did try the link for the test product on prestochangeo and I received the email at my address. Does anyone know the solution? Thank you!
  10. Thank you! It is working and has helped the clarity of my items alot!
  11. Hi! I have purchased this attribute ordering module, downloaded it and FTP'd it to the Modules folder. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it? Anyways, in the back office I don't see it in the modules section. I'm fairly new at modifying prestashop and just updated to the 1.2.5 version. Thank you for your time! MaryRenee'
  12. Hmmmm....When I try SMTP (many different ways) no emails come through and I receive email errors. At least some of the mails work with PHP option. Thank you!
  13. Hi! I would like to move the "Viewed Products Block", from the left columns block to the right columns block. I am using v. 1.2.5 Could someone help with this? Thanks so much!
  14. Also not getting a new order notification when customer pays by Google Checkout. I receive the Google Checkout confirmation at my separate gmail address. The customer receives both the prestashop order email and the google checkout payment confirmation. The order shows in the back office. My host mail doesn't receive anything. Thanks to anyone who can help me! MaryRenee'
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