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  1. Hola Sergio, muchas gracias por tu respuesta. Sí, los productos están asignados tanto a la categoría A como a la B. Sí, tengo activada la navegación por facetas, y veo que lo tengo pendiente de actualizar. Utilizo la versión qué crees que debería hacer?
  2. Hello everybody, here is the problem: All my products are assigned to a mother category and a subcategory, but in the website I can only see the majority of them in the mother category page, and not in the subcategory. Even in the url and in the breadcrumbs I do not see the subcategory trace. Can anybody help?? thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Hola a todos, a ver si alguien me puede ayudar: todos los productos tienen una categoría padre y una subcategoría asignadas, pero la gran mayoría de ellos, solo se ven en la web en la categoría padre. Ni en el breadcrums ni en la url se ve la subcategoría. No sé dónde está el problema, a alguien le ha pasado? Muchas gracias por adelantado,
  4. Hello, my provider has also a prestashop, and I was wondering how I can automatically copy his products in a regular basis to my prestashop. Thanks for your help
  5. Do not worry, I have deleted that product and created another one with the same information, and it is working now. Thanks guys,
  6. Hi, the product should be available. Everything seems to be correct, but in the product page I can not add to cart.
  7. Hello, I have an available product with units in stock. I can not "add to cart" that product from the product page, but I can do it from the list page. Please click these links to understand: http://salza.es/es/piel-sintetica/57-mochila-zeccini-piel-sintetica-mochila-de-cuero-ecologico-solapa-principal-con-cierres-metalicos-y-compartimento-principal-con-c.html http://salza.es/es/14-mochilas I have deleted the product and created a new one with the same information, but still working the same. Can anybody help? Thanks a lot in advance,
  8. Hi Nemo1, yes, Europe zone and actually all zones are active. Also added Argentina and still not working
  9. Hello, my checkout page does not show any delivery options, and I only have one and is available and active for all the countries with no restrictions. The other problem is the wire transfer, it is not shown in the checkout page but is listed as one of the active payment options in my backoffice. Could anybody help? thanks a lot,
  10. Hello, I have 2 problems: - My voucher field does not appear. - My shipping method is not available for one of the 3 countries that I can send. Could anybody help me on any of them? I really appreciate, Best regards,
  11. Hi Paul, that was the problem. Thank you very much and sorry for being so stupid Really appreciate your help, best regards,
  12. Hello, I just started mi project and there is no "add to cart" button in my products, and they are available. Can anybody help me? thanks a lot.
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