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  1. I have it now in 1.16.17 Slow I might be switching to a paid service in the new. I don't have time to be dealing with this at time time of the year
  2. I removed the other Version & reinstalled this & it's working now Thank You
  3. I uploaded the module I put the Code in & saved it, refreshed my main screen nothing happened. I am using the default bootstrap theme on I went to mail much site & it keeps showing that the code is not detected & I made sure mailmunch showed it activated. I have no error to report so I cannot give you any further data.
  4. I am saying that the fix will allows your loyalty points to display but removing the line of code I quoted breaks the native Reviews so if you want reviews which I do I installed Ytopo as a work around. I would prefer the native Reviews
  5. well thats the thing the reviews & combinations are build in so we still have a issue everything should work. The only work around I had so far was to go with Ytopo mod for reviews at least the loyalty points & combo's work for me its just reviews in my case
  6. What Worked ??????? This fix will bring up your loyalty points but it will break the reviews or as stated combinations.
  7. This fix Works BUT this line {addJsDefL name=loyalty_nopoints}{l s='No reward points for this product.' mod='loyalty' js=1}{/addJsDefL} Without it the reviews module breaks & you cannot leave a review can someone fix this please
  8. anyone as least know what files makes this work & what db Tables. Something has to be effecting it
  9. Extra information it will save for 2017 & above just not the current year.
  10. Hi I am new to prestashop everything on my site works except the forecast you enter in data like hits conversion projected sales & it gives to a result as expected. You click save & then go to anywhere else in the admin go back to dashboard & no orange bars show click the gear for config & all the numbers you added are gone. I have tried the following things uninstalled the dashboard goals & reinstalled it. checked DB & repaired any tables results where all OK. Maybe I got a bad file somewhere. any help would mean the world. Thanks in Advance
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