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  1. I'm having an issue when using the colour/texture type attribute, all other types i.e. dropdown, radio button, etc appear on the product pages on the front office, but these do not. I have no idea why or how to make them appear. There are no errors appear when creating them - I even switched on debug and no errors appeared either. See below for a screenshot of what appears, or rather doesn't appear. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Hi, does anyone know a way of making the carrier logo smaller? As a result of how large it is, the title of my carrier overlaps it now which means it's more difficult to read and I have no idea which setting changes this.
  3. Attribute Groups Not Showing

    Hi, Did you ever work out how to resolve this? I know it was awhile ago, but I'm using PrestaShop version and I'm having the exact same issue.
  4. Did anyone manage to sort this "Exception thrown by module xxx on upgrade. Error sent by Addons. You may need to be logged." error out? I'm having the same issue on
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've not logged into my admin section of prestashop since july 2016, but now when I'm trying to login, the page doesn't load properly and it appears to just refresh almost and clear out the email and password fields. I am using the correct username and password and I'm also using a brand new laptop so I've never logged into my admin with it before. I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like when I load the admin login page. If anyone has any ideas that could help, please share them, thanks.
  6. I am now getting it with the following module: 1-Click Upgrade v1.6.7 - by PrestaShop
  7. As I said the module is Google Analytics API. It came with Prestashop when I installed it. The version is v1.2.1
  8. Yes, if I filter for Modules Not Installed it's there. But when I click on the install button I get the error I mentioned above.
  9. I'm trying to install Google Analytics API module as it appears to uninstalled itself at some point in the last month, but when I click install I get an error: You do not have permission to configure this module. Anyone know how to solve this? I saw a few other topics saying to uninstall and reinstall the module...but mine isn't installed so that doesn't help me.