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  1. For some reason on a music site I'm working on the search shows electric keyboards instead of drums if I type in drums. Drums is a subcategory of percussions. Electric keyboards is a subcategory of pianos. The site is in French and drums is "batterie" in that language but regardless, I had to use the "band-aid" approach and use Preferences/Search/alias "batterie"=> "percussions" for anything even remotely similar to show up. Any ideas ? Also I get this : "'products' => $search['result'], // DEPRECATED (since to 1.4), not use this: conflict with block_cart module" is there something I need to use to replace this ?
  2. That seems interesting, I'll try to remember this exists.
  3. You could add it as an option with the price unchanged ! list of combinations or attributes It works in Prestashop 1.5 or 1.6.
  4. For the first thing you mentionned, that is cart abandonment pro in a nutshell, but it doesn't work on the site I've been working on so I can't recommend it at the moment. As far as reviewing I haven't needed that functionality yet. Good luck.
  5. That is true, the company bought the pack, and the advanced CMS was practical for putting pages together quickly, so it worked out for us but you can purchase it seperately.
  6. I used advanced CMS and form maker for this in my last project. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/19934-advancedcms-form-maker.html It has a hefty price-tag but it definitely works and isn't hard to use.
  7. Hi, I've been working with prestashop for two months. I am looking to find out how to shorten the name of a product in accessories because it messes up the look of the site when the accessories aren't as long as each other. CASQUE STUDIO BEYERDYNAMIC DT 770 PRO...next to CASQUE STUDIO BLUE MO-FIchanges the height of the first and makes it look weird. I needed to truncate to 24. I did this by changing the code in my-active-theme/productdetail-right.tpl: <a href="{$accessoryLink|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"> {$accessory.name|truncate:24:'...':true|escape:'html':'UTF-8'} </a> I hope this helps someone.
  8. I'm in version and having an issue with Product Comparison not working on pages where the URLs have been changed for SEO reasons, in a controller somewhere for subcategories to show in the category. Does anyone know how to use a modified URL to get the one for the product? Anything I can do that will update the product URLs?
  9. DId you set your number of products to compare to 0? If you did the module won't show anything. Did you change any CSS where you targeted any classes that help show the images? it sounds like a CSS issue or an issue in how you set up your module's preferences.
  10. Le même problème sur la dernière version... même les tentatives de corriger les recherches ne fonctionnent pas.
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