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  1. Hi Any idea why suddenly all my email templates have link to "myshop.com/adminlink/{shop_url}" where my shop logo and link is supposed to be? And i cant remove my admin link, after i save it is back (i already cleared cache)? Im on Best regaeds
  2. If im not mistaken i should be in Admin-Employees-My user account but there is no English sadly... https://1drv.ms/i/s!ArTqmS9a0VU5kO8N--n-Eu80bNiP7w
  3. Hi, thanks for replys but i need to have English language installed for that. Which will in turn add english to front end language selection tool. But i dont want that. Oh and i can find localization-translations but my question was how to have 2 of local languages on front-end and english back-end (and no english on front-end). So i guess only option to achieve that is to delete all back-office translations for one language...wich will take working time...
  4. Hi everybody My prestashop 1.6 store has 2 languages and none of them are English. But I would really like to have back office in English. Any idea how i can remove all back office translations (while keeping all other translations) for one language easily without manually removing each row from Backoffice-Localizaton-Translations? Or alternatively, can i just install English language pack but hide only English (while keeping 2 other) language from front end language selection bar? Thanks in advance for so helpful replies
  5. Hi I set up google analytics goals with order-conf as destination page. As i compared goal statistics with real prestashop data i saw that there was about 30% more sales than goal completions. It must be because most customers pay with local banklinks module that does not require customer to "return to merchant" after finishing payment. If i use page previous to order-conf, then i obiously see more goal completions than sales. Maybe there is any other way to accurately set up analytics goals that i can not think of? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, its old topic but did you find the solution? I have same problem - need to remove shipping cost from summary page but i have no idea which file i should look into to change the code. Best regards
  7. Hi I googled but was not able to find, so maybe someone here can help me: i need to show available product combinations(sizes) of products on catalogue. It cant be complicated drop down menu etc, just simply text below each products photo on catalogue with each available combination(except those with quantity 0). Here is an example of what i mean: Is there any module for this? Or any other way i can achieve this without much coding skills? Version: prestashop 1.6.1 Thanks in advance!
  8. Took some time for dummie like me to figure it out, but if anyone else needs to do it, then in classes/address.php remove "'required' => true" on this line (or where neccessary): 'address1' => array('type' => self::TYPE_STRING, 'validate' => 'isAddress', 'required' => true, 'size' => 128), and then modify on theme folder files address.tpl and authentication.tpl (make address1 similar to address2).
  9. Hi prestashop guys, i changed my customer registration form littlebit. After i updated to the modifications were reset. Do i have to re-do my modificaitions after each update, or is there some more wiser method to do this, so the modifications will stay unchanged after update next time? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi I have and i tried to install 1.7 on my sub-folder, but after pressing first "Next" button(on welcome + language selection screen) i just get blank page. Its on here: arlee.ee/test1700. Any idea what can cause this? Is it at all possible to install second prestashop on sub-folder? I was thinking the files were corrupt maybe so i alreade re-downloaded + re-uploaded prestashop. Still cant install.. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Im using Facebook Connect module and i keep getting this error while logging in/registering on front-end. Could it be module misbehaving or some kind of Facebook problem? Any idea how i can solve it? Error full text: "The state doesn't match. You may be a victim of cross-site request forgery or you decided to cancel your connect processing. Please close this window" Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, At the moment there ise coupon code field visible all the time in the cart. I was wondering if there is any opion inside prestashop 1.6 or some module that makes coupon code field visible only after customer clicks on text button, for example: "You have coupon code?"? Thanks for any help in advance!
  13. I am sure someone knows the answer? Please help if you do I Searched old topics but nothing helps.
  14. Hi Prestashop 1.6. I need to make address and city field not required. I tried replacing <p class="required form-group"> <label for="dni">{l s='Address'} <sup>*</sup></label> to <div class="form-group is_customer_param"> <label for="address1_invoice">{l s='Address'}{if in_array($field_name, $required_fields)} <sup>*</sup>{/if}</label> on authentication.tpl but this did not help. Any help is appreciated, i already tried old topics but did not find working solution.
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