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  1. Beste,


    Ik heb vier winkelwagenregels als volgt aangemaakt:


    Vanaf € 150,- = 10% Korting
    Vanaf € 250,- = 15% Korting
    Vanaf € 350,- = 20% Korting
    Vanaf € 500,- = 25% Korting


    Bij elke winkelwagenregel heb ik de optie compatibiliteit met andere winkelwagenregels aangevinkt en alle overige winkelwagenregels, als niet-combineerbaar ingesteld zodat, bij besteding van € 250,-, de klant 15% korting krijgt, maar de korting van 10% komt te vervallen.


    Helaas werkt dit in de praktijk niet zo en pakt het systeem, ongeacht het bedrag dat ik boven de € 150,- opgeef, alleen 10% korting mee. Wat is er aan de hand en hoe kan ik dit corrigeren?


    Bij voorbaat dank!

  2. Hello,


    We want to introduce multiple discount rules as followed:


    From €150 = 10% off
    From €250 = 15% off
    From €350 = 20% off
    From €500 = 25% off
    To do this, I added four cart rules using compatibility with other shopping cart rules, so that these four discount rules cannot be combined. However, when a test customer orders more than €250, only the first cart rule of 10% off is applied, instead of 15% off.
    How do I configure these four cart rules so that, for example, when a customer orders more than €250, the cart rule of 10% off will be replaced with the cart rule of 15% off?

    Thank you in advance.
  3. Het betreft een schone Prestashop installatie zonder aanvullende modules.


    Naar aanleiding van het niet volledig vertalen naar Nederlands, heb ik de vertaling van onze andere webshop geïmporteerd naar de nieuwe webshop, dit heeft ervoor gezorgd dat de Siret werd vertaald naar KvK-nummer, er is geen module geïnstalleerd tot betrekking met het controleren van de KvK-nummer.


    We willen dat alleen uitsluitend zakelijke klanten bij onze nieuwe webshop kunnen bestellen.

  4. Hoi Wallgrind.nl, bedankt voor je snelle reactie op mijn vraag.


    Ik zie inmiddels dat Prestashop het zelf heeft veranderd naar KvK-nummer, wellicht had het tijd nodig of is de cache geleegd?
    Na het opgeven van een KvK, krijg ik de foutmelding "siret is ongeldig." Ik lees dan wel dat je validate.php daarvoor kunt bijwerken, mogelijk de tekst teven vertalen naar Kvk is ongeldig, maar ik weet niet of dit daadwerkelijk de juiste manier is.




    1. siret is ongeldig.
  5. Beste,


    Voor onze tweede webshop willen wij ons uitsluitend richten op de zakelijke klant. Ik begrijp dat het inschakelen van de optie B2B Prestashop klanten als bedrijven doen beschouwen.


    Echter, bij het afrekenen, staat er onder de kop "Uw Bedrijfsinformatie" SIRET en APE, maar geen KvK, teven lijkt deze geen verplichte velden te zijn. Hoe los ik dit op?

    Bij voorbaat dank.

  6. Hello,


    I'm working on a second 1.6.1.x Prestashop, I noticed that this time around, some, but not all texts are translated to dutch. For our first Prestashop I did not have to translate so much.


    I tried downloading and importing a dutch translation pack, but I get 225 errors stating "Unknown file found" what's going on and how do I fix this?

    Thank you in advance!



  7. Hello,

    We're already running a webshop using Prestashop 1.6.1.x, and we're quite pleased with the starting theme and modules. Prestashop 1.7, however, does not support most of the modules we use in Prestashop 1.6.1.x


    I need advice on which Prestashop version we should use for our second webshop, our preference is for version 1.6.1.x, but we are seriously concerned about long-term support.



    Can someone please give me some advice?
    Thank you.

  8. Hello,


    We want to use Google Shopping and we've followed all the necessary steps provided on this page accordingly. However, if I want to register a new feed, I'm unable to select the option 'E-commerce platform imports'.


    I called Google Support about this, and they told me I should contact Prestashop. Can someone please help me figure this out? Thank you in advance! 

  9. Thank you kindly for your reply, ndiaga and Gnast,


    @ndiaga : I will look into this module, thank you, I'm comfortable with editing CSS styles, not a javascript gure though ;)

    @Gnast : I already found the module and asked the author if this is possible, but they replied that it will not work with our shop settings.

  10. Hello, I'm looking for a module that can display a popup or a notice that will tell our customers how much more they need to spend to receive free shipping. I already found a couple free and paid modules, but they can't handle multiple shipping options.


    We offer free shipping to the Netherlands (through an automated voucher), starting from € 35,- euros and to Belgium starting from € 50,- Other country's do not have free shipping options.


    Does someone know about a plugin that does comply with our needs?
    Thank you in advance!

  11. Hello,

    We recently discovered that our Prestashop is finding some products, and displaying the wrong products instead.

    For example, if we want to look for the product 'L'Oréal Pro Fiber Reconstruct Shampoo', naturally we use the keyword "Pro Fiber" but instead of displaying "Pro Fiber" related products, it's displaying products like 'INDOLA Profession Permanent Caring Color Natural & Essentials'


    I tried to rebuild the complete index and cleared all caches, I even tried it on other webbrowsers as well.

    What's going on, and how can we solve this?

    Thank you in advance!

  12. Hello, 


    Recently, a lot of image, fonts, javscripts etc... are randomly failing to load in Google Chrome, I think some of our customer orders are failing because of this. It says "net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" I made sure to delete all cache, including browser and varnish cache from my webhost, our SSL certificate is still valid and all HTTP connections are properly redirected to HTTPS. There are no errors in the PHP error log.


    I contacted our webhost, they told me everything is up and running and they didn't experience the problem, but in Google Chrome. Can someone please help me figure out a solution to this problem. I'm using the latest Prestashop Version


    Thank you in advance!

  13. In the meanwhile, I have come up with an alternative solution for following up abandoned carts for free.

    Setting up Customer follow-up

    1. Navigate to the dashboard
    2. Go to modules
    3. Find, install and activate Customer follow-up
    4. Enable "CANCELLED CARTS" and leave Discount amount and validity of 0
    5. Save settings
    6. Go to Localization and click on Translations
    7. Select E-mail template translations, your desired theme and language
    8. In the group "MODULE E-MAILS" Click on "followup_1" 
    9. Edit content, remove the discount text and variables, but keep the {shop_url} variable.

    Setting up Contab

    1. Go to modules
    2. Find, install and activate Customer follow-up
    3. Below the information group, copy the crontab URL to notepad
    4. Navigate to http://www.crontab-generator.org/ and generate a date for your crontab
    5. Go to notepad and paste the date before the crontab URL
    6. You can either use curl or wget, which should look like this

    7. Now login to your SSH using putty
      If you don't know how, please ask your hosting provider
    8. Type in crontab -e
    9. Paste the cronjob somewhere at the bottom of your crontab by right-clicking
    10. Save your cronjob by pressing CRTL + X and type Y to confirm

    If you're already using Customer follow-up module, you may want to duplicate the module and change some code.
    I hope this helps anyone who is looking to send free followup E-mails for abandoned carts.

    Take care!

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